Ajo O Dabi Ile

Ajo O Dabi Ile

After two weeks in the UK last year, I sat in the balcony of my Airbnb at 11pm and just observed the traffic. Then I saw a guy, walking on the street, he was on the phone (AirPods) and he was speaking YORUBA.

My reaction shocked me, I shouted from the balcony (3rd floor o)


Then I ran inside the room and picked a shirt. 

I took my keys and ran to the elevator.

I got down and jumped on the street.

The Bros was still within sight.

I ran and caught up with him.

I tapped him on the shoulder. I said, “E kale Bros.”

He dropped his call and hugged me. 

“E kale” he said. 

We were just around Sheffield Hallam University. 

We sat down on the pavement and caught up. 

We spoke Yoruba throughout. 

He came in to hustle. I was on the GSWMI tour. We exchanged numbers. 

He had gone to buy garri and other food stuff because he couldn’t cope with British food yet. 

I told him I understood. 

If not for grace, I would have fasted throughout my stay in the UK. 

Burger that I eat with pleasure in Nigeria became a joke after a few days in the UK. 

I didn’t like their fast food too, that one called Nandos, the meat doesn’t have pepper and no stew!


I had been warned before the journey that I should make arrangements but I was feeling like an international missionary. 


There is no relocating for me. 

I will travel the ends of the earth and bring in the sheaves for His kingdom but Nigeria remains the base!