I remember when he told me in Jos that the pregnancy wouldn't stay 

I said, "What?" He said, "My wife is experiencing miscarriages, we just suffered a third one last week, and she is now with her mum so she can be well cared for" 

I smiled 

The Lord gave me a scripture years ago that kills miscarriages completely 

Isaiah 27:2-3 (KJV) In that day sing ye unto her, A vineyard of red wine. I the LORD do keep it; I will water it every moment: lest any hurt it, I will keep it night and day. 

I gave it to him, and I also gave him one ascension scripture.

I said, “Give this to your wife; you must be the one to give it to her. She must read it out loud for her ears to hear early in the morning and as the last thing at night.”

He said, "Yes sir" Then she got pregnant, my daughter of the many laurels of Grace! She delivered, and it was a faithful experience.

At about 10 am this morning, the Lord gave me the names of my first granddaughter! 

Harmony Tehila Oluwafadekemi 

I am overwhelmed with joy! 

Thank You Jesus