Don't Give Up On The Word

Don't Give Up On The Word

When my daughter was four years old, she suddenly became crippled. She could not walk. 
It happened in my presence, I was watching.

There was an inner void over the balcony and I was there watching the children and I noticed she couldnt walk
She was creeping. 

A friend of mine was standing close to the children around the staircase, he was close to her by the steps and he was saying to her, "What are you doing? Get up and walk!"

I was watching from where I was and I noticed she couldnt get up,she was creeping like a baby; so I said, "Bring her up!"
I preceived something had gone wrong because she wouldnt naturally do this, so I took her in and I tried to put her on the ground and she just collapsed, her legs were like ropes and they refused to support her. So I called my wife and asked what happened, my wife said she didnt know. 

Neither of us knew what was wrong, we had no clue what the situation was, before then everything was alright and this came upon us suddenly. We prayed a general prayer, laid hands on her and told her to get up and walk but she didnt. 
Instead of walking she started crying because I was venting my frustration on the issue and she could hear it in my voice. 

So I said, "Alright, lets take her to the hospital."

We had no understanding and we didnt even know what to pray about. My wife took her to the doctor that same morning, by 7pm they were not back from the hospital and I became worried, so I called her and she couldnt explain what was going on.

I asked her to give the phone to the doctor and the doctor said to me, "I am very sorry."
You know when a doctor says to you, "I am very sorry", it means the news is very bad. 

The doctor said "Your daughter may never be able to walk again."
I asked him why. The doctor said so much: muscle problems, bone problems etcetera. 

I was just sighing and saying, "Lord Jesus" over and over again as the doctor spoke. When he was done I told my wife to bring my daughter back home. When they arrived home, I looked at my little girl in her helpless situation and decided to seek another doctor's opinion. In the few days tha followed, three other doctors gave us the same verdict. 

Okay, I have been a believer and I have been preaching the gospel for years. I turned to my wife and said, "There is something we have believed over the years and we know it doesnt fail. We believe in the word of God. This is what we will have to depend upon from today, we will talk to the bones, tendons, ligament everyday over and over again."

My wife agreed. 

When I got to the office, I would see this picture in my mind of my daughter in a wheelchair and I would scream "Noooooooooooooooo!"

I would scream so loud that staff members would come running thinking I was calling their attention but I was only roaring against that imagination and insiting that picture or image will not come to stay in my understanding or be part of my reality. 
Then I would get up, shut the door, get on my feet and start pacing while saying, "She will walk, she will run, she will jump!"

I would say this over and over again for hours, repeating it several thousand times everyday. Many times in church, as I preached, I was preaching to myself, even though the people of God were getting blessed, I was the
main beneficiary of my own sermons as she was the one I was always thinking about. 

My confessions remained what I saw in my spirit- she would walk, she would run, she would jump. Although over and over these strange images of my daughter in crutches or on a wheel chair would show up while I prayed. I roared them down!

Several months passed by, but my mind was made up. I was going to work the word. 

If youre waiting for the word of God to somehow come to pass, you will be waiting in vain. He said, Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling (godly reverence)(Phil 2:12).

Jesus has already done his part. He is seated in heaven and he is not doing anything for us apart from intercession.
We are the ones who should take steps of faith by doing instead of sitting down while hoping for God to come down and change stuff.

What then is Christianity if we are God beggars? Begging God for money, for health, for everything after Jesus has already done everything for us?If all we do is beg God, then Jesus failed in his assignment and we all know, The Lamb of God triumphed! Hallelujah!!!

My mind was made up. If it would take me a thousand years to turn it around, I was determined to turn it around.

Jesus said we could talk to anything, if we had faith as a grain of mustard seed. He said we will not only do that which He did to the fig tree, we shall say to mountains to go from here to there and it they shall obey us.

No matter where I was or where my daughter was, I was saying the same things, "Bones you can hear me, tendons you can hear me, muscles you can hear me, I command you to come alive and be healed, I command the legs to rise and walk again."

I would say, "Legs you will function correctly, bones you will grow rightly."

I said this all the time until one day she stood!

She didnt walk, she stood. The legs carried her but the legs were bent backwards in a terrible way that I shouted "No, not so, dont stand that way." I said, "No! straighten up! She said, "Daddy, I can't" I said, "You can!" The she fell down again.

I said to myself, "At least you stood, that was a good place from not standing."

On her birthday, the time came for her to cut her to cut her cake, but she still couldn't stand. Someone had to carry her,she couldn't stand. I went into my bedroom and I said, "O God, she couldnt even stand to cut her cake."

It was terrible, I knew I could do something but what? 
Yet my mind was made up. 
I said,  "Lord I am putting your word to work, it would have to produce result."

I sent someone to bring her to my room and I began to speak to the legs again and again. I just couldn't take it, I couldn't wait another day, I just kept at it, talking, talking, talking. 

This went on for months and months until one day my wife was going to the mall and I was on the phone with her. I asked her where my daughter was and she said she was in a pram. I said, "Pram!" It was to me a wheelchair in disguise. 

So I said, "Oh God, in a pram? No! No! No!!, here is what you do, say these words with me again and again and again and we have to say them everyday over her and with her in mind."

We were steadfast in this until she began to take her steps. The next thing was, she went to the park and her sister called me on the phone and said, "Daddy, my sister walked today."

I said, "Wow, She will do more!"

Her sister said, "Daddy you should have been here to see it yourself, she did so much more."

So I jumped into the car and drove to the park. When I got to the park, coming into the park on one side, I saw my daughter leap to her feet and she ran.....


Tears just welled up in my eyes. I said, Jesus! I knew it would happen! Hallelujah!

That is the power of the word of God. 
The name of Jesus works.
The Spirit of Jesus works.
The words of Jesus works.

Dont stop talking it, just go on and go on and go on.

Keep that word on your lips, keep His spirit alive in you, keep His name upon you!!!!

The word of God is the solution to life's crisis, no matter what the situation is, remember that the word of God created the world!

(Pastor Chris, testifying at the international School of Ministry)