There's a welling up from the inside of
the renewed spirit
Bursting into various words from the
Gibberish to the hearing of those in
the human realm, yet pure in meanings
in the spiritual

Oh tongue of fire, tongue of tongues
The stirrer of the black night paving
ways for the outpouring of the light
The rudder of the ship of life amid
crests and troughs of mountainous
So little in the physical, yet a giant in
the spirit

Tongues so refined in fire and encrusted
in gold beaming with life and glory
Shaker of historically unmoved foundations
The bringer of walls of fire around you
and exposing you to dews from above
So streamlined, and striking with surgical
precisons-- the ultimate weapon for
offense and defense

Tongues exuding sounds that even the
Fallen finds puzzling, yet not able to
Sounds rippling through the spirit with
a gong heralding a host of Angels to
Causing an opening for the Spirit of
God to move in a manner yet unseen!

Oh tongues of Christ imparted to our spirit
An evidence of our relationship with Him
For we shall speak words of life to birth
realities of Christ here.
Oh yes we will!

The Master says these signs will follow
those that believe (Mark 16:17), that they
will speak in new tongues.
If you are a believer, then it’s your
birthright to speak in tongues!
It's easy. I have baptised many people
in the Holy Ghost on the phone, same
as many of us in the GSWMI ministry!

If you want to speak in tongues, say
these words: Lord Jesus, I believe in you,
therefore as your word says, I will speak
in new tongues. You said I will open my
mouth, and you will fill it, therefore,
right this minute, I am speaking in
tongues as Holy Spirit is giving me
Congratulations, because you have
just stepped into the water to experience
a whole new world!