Like the pattering of rains on a window pane, 
his tears echoed in his ears keeping him 
company on his way to purpose fulfilment.
The root cause of his uneven feet movement 
was evident to all
He staggered towards his destination carrying 
the burden of the world
A place of death where life sprung up.
Fa! Fa!! Fa!!!
The rough sharp edges of the whips penetrated 
his skin slicing off flesh and freeing the blood 
and water from their hold.
They trickled down his body to his feet reducing 
friction and causing some intermittent falls.
Yet he persisted to Golgotha.

The sounds of mockery from all sides 
were pelted at him. If they could be moulded 
as a human, it would be a Goliath 
threatening the armies of Isreal. 
But even in his state, he would be David, 
not Saul.
Salivas skillfully escaped different orifices 
in anger just for him.
Even if the combined efforts of the salivas 
could synergised to a flood that wiped the 
earth off, he would be Noah who escaped it

For his path had been set in glory to fulfil a 
purpose for mankind.

The earth got in labour and felt the pangs 
deeply it had to quake to release
The sun felt the agony of his soul it had to 
cover its light for a few hours.
The people knew something strange had 
occurred that would alter humanity for ever.

At last, life came back to us as we were restored.

Tonight, I thought of you in the context of 
the day you died for us messiah
I imagined how you must have felt by 
people who were so fickle.

Ah, it's the greatest love of all
The love of the Father.

For God so love the world that He gave 
his only begotten Son, that whoever 
believes in Him will not perish but have 
everlasting life.
John 3:16

Come as you are! Don't delay any further! 
Talk to Him today!

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