1. Adopt

I met a little 9-month-old girl about 
5 years ago while working. 
She was from a children's home. 
I wasn't married then. 
I had a strange pull towards her. 
So even after she was discharged from 
hospital I tracked her down and took 
her in as my own. 
Luckily my husband asked us to get married
 just a few weeks after I became the girls
 foster mother. One part of my family that
 had vowed I wouldn't be married under
 their watch saw this girl in my custody 
and made the comment that I will never
 have children that's why I've adopted a 
child out of wedlock. 
Well, my husband was travelling for mission
 and wanted us to be married within 3 weeks.
 So a very quick wedding was arranged and
 the part of the family that had made those
 comments weren't available to attend. 
Thank goodness. It hit them hard when 
they couldn't be there.
The next comment I heard was, now that 
she is married without our input, she will
 see if she can have children. I paid no heed.
Husband travelled for almost 2 years. 
I was pregnant with our first biological 
child a month after he returned.
Long story short, my husband put his 
name on our little girl. 
She's our first born. Our only girl. 
And I've had two sons after her. 
Adoption sometimes opens the door
 for conception. Just love the child as yours.
 You can share my story with those who 
are still praying for the fruit of the womb.
 It is a most glorious blessing to love a child
 that has no relation to you

2) The Body of the Lord and His Blood
I once was afflicted with fibroid of the cervix.
 When I discovered this, I went to the University
 College Hospital where a test was done and
 it was confirmed I had fibroid of the cervix. 
I took time off work and got books by Bishop
 Oyedepo on healing. I bought the communion
 materials ie. Wafer and black currant. 
I took time to meditate on the Word, prayed 
and confessed the Word and took the 
communion daily. After about seven days 
the symptoms of the fibroid disappeared.
 I went back to University College Hospital
 for another test and it was discovered to my
 great pleasure that fibroid of the cervix had 

3) The Meal
I have a friend, she is a minister in the 
RCCG Mass Choir, she was married nine 
years before I got married! She was a 
pastor's wife and her husband pastors an 
RCCG parish in Port Harcourt! 
The lady is my wife's colleague! 
One day we met at the camp, my wife introduced
 her to me and as we were walking to the car, 
my wife told me her issue with the fruit of 
the womb! Luckily, months later she got a
 job in Lagos and relocated from Lagos to 
Port Harcourt but her husband was still
in Port Harcourt! I became concerned! 
How can you guys be praying for the fruit of 
the womb and live so far away from each other! 
She said they were told that sometimes it 
helps psychologically! I didn't buy it one bit. 
so I asked her when her husband would 
be coming to Lagos! I said I wanted to 
come and have lunch with the family! 
She invited me one Sunday to have 
lunch at their house! Pounded yam and
 bushmeat with bottles of coke and water!
 Before we started eating, I stood up and 
blessed the food! I called it the body of 
Christ and his blood and instructed the 
couple and my self and wife to eat it as 
communion! When I finished praying,
 I made sure our conversation was about 
the Lord Jesus, each of us talked about 
Him in the scriptures and in our lives! 
We took time and laughed and were 
awestruck and went through all the 
emotions! we finished eating and 
I thanked the Lord for a good meal! 
She got pregnant that night! 
Because her husband left for Port-Harcourt
 on the first flight out the next morning and 
he was too tired to do the needful 
the night before because of the journey 
to Lagos (His flight was delayed 
for several hours)!
Today they have a set of twins aged 4

- Brother in Jeans and T-Shirt

4) Restored wonder
Her husband called the Brother 
in Jeans and T-Shirt
His wife had suddenly miscarried her
two months old pregnancy
The fifth miscarriage in three years
He said "The Holy Spirit said you should 
serve us communion"
 The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt broke the bread 
and gave her three.
Two for the babies and one for her.
She drank three portions of the wine.
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt prayed.
Brother spoke to the pneuma, Go and 
bring back those babies now!
Pneuma made haste, spoke to nature.
Vomit them!
Nature trembled!
Brother told them.
All those I have ever prayed for with similar cases always have boys.
He: God told me they would be girls.
Brother: You will have two boys.
The Brother in Jeans and T-Shirt left.
They never did the D&C.
She resumed ante-natal the next month.
The doctor said she was just being foolish.
Was she?
At six months
The scan began to show them.
The twins, growing normally.
The doctor was shocked! How could he have missed this?
She delivered through CS at 36 weeks
They were boys!
He called the Brother in Jeans and T-shirt
I had picked female names and bought girls stuff.
But God gave me boys.
Brother in Jeans and T-Shirt laughed.
They named them a week later.
Zuriel and Adriel.
They are 11 months old now.
Testifying to the supremacy of God's word.

5) Homo Christus
She had  a caesarean session to deliver her baby
She was poorly managed by the caregivers
She developed sepsis
She wasn't given anti-biotics
She started oozing pus from her genitals
Her stomach burst open in three places
In less than twenty days after she delivered her baby
She had been taken back to the theatre three times
Each time she spent about four hours in the theatre
The scan the hospital ran revealed that
Part of her liver was rotten, her kidney was rotten,
her intestine was rotten, pieces of her internal organ
was coming out with the pus through 
her genitals and through
her stomach
She was dying
Her parents flew in from England
Her Pastor flew in from Lagos
She was in Calabar
The doctor told her Pastor
"This is your daughter, you are a pastor, PRAY!
But medically speaking, there was no hope!"
She delivered her baby October 28 
She wasn't given either food or water for 40 days
because of the state of her stomach
And yet she breastfed her baby
She laid down for three months in one spot
Her veins collapsed!
They couldn't pass Intravenous fluid to her body 
through her veins!
Eventually, she lost the use of her hands and legs
Wrappers were cut and used as diapers for her
because she was always dripping through
Then she saw Jesus
He was seated right beside her at the foot of the cross
He didn't say a word
He was just petting her head as she laid it on his knees
31 December, the doctors gave her parents the news
She had a few more days to live!
"Take her home, prepare a befitting burial for her"
When she got home, her parents started giving her broth!
Corned beef liquid fed to her through a syringe!
Her parents turned the liquid into the body 
and blood of Jesus!
One month after she got home
30th January 2008
She heard the Holy Spirit say
"Tosin, you have trusted me through it all, give me
two more weeks, you will see this Egyptians no more!
She told her husband, her parents and Pastor
"Jesus said "this storm" will be over in two weeks"
Exactly two weeks after she heard His voice
Her stomach closed!
The Pus stopped!
All the doomsday predictions of the doctors failed!
"You will never be able to stand erect"
"You will never be able to eat this"
"You will never be able to do that"
She became a living wonder!
Living a normal life without her kidney, liver and parts
of her intestine!
- Tosin (Viral Testimony)

6) The Pouch
We had our last baby 2012
Two years later, my wife had abdominal complications
We saw a professor of Gynaecology and 
my wife was diagnosed with Ovarian Cyst
She was operated upon
During the surgery, the surgeon called me and said 
he would have to do a total abdominal hysterectomy 
(Total removal of the womb i.e Uterus, Cervix, 
Fallopian tubes, ovaries)
This was done to preserve my wife's life because
according to the surgeon, there was a systemic
damage inside of her!
After the surgery was done, I saw every part of her
that was removed with my two eyes!
It was evidential material that the surgery was a success!
This was 2014
We decided to adopt and closed the chapter on having
any other biological child apart from our first daughter!
Then we were posting to a branch of the church in Kaduna
We came to see the pastor
He anointed us and told my wife "Anything that has
stopped working in your life must work from today"
February, of the following year, the wombless woman 
became pregnant
Nine months later a team of surgeons opened her up
They found a baby inside a special pouch
 A baby boy weighing 4.5 kg 
         - Joseph Oguji (Testimony at a church service)
(Available on youtube! "Woman delivered without womb")

PS: There are divine realities, there is a higher life
There is more to a believer than meets the eye
There are realities in Christ beyond the mundane
There is a fountain of living waters eager to flow out of you
Your story is itching to be told
Your case is not hopeless 
The miraculous is not by chance
If you walk in my reality, you will dare to 
live the "Christ in me" life
You will experience the glory of God!

Special Prayers for you!
I command wombs to open and where they
wont, i command your body to develop the 
means to sustain a body by the power of 
the Holy Spirit!
I command the scorge of miscarriages
both physical and financial to
cease in your life
I command stagnancy and retrogression to
end in your reality
I command your glory to shine forth
I command your light to Shine
I command spiritual oppression to cease 
in your life
I command you to shine forth!