Light Cometh…

Light Cometh…

I got lost in the UK……

I took the wrong train and found myself at a strange train station at the end of the journey.

I was supposed to take the train from Darcourt to Leicester but I found myself in one Aviva Manchester.

I went to a police officer.

I said, "Sir, I am lost."
He said, "Where are you headed?"

I told him.

He said, "Can I see your ticket?"

I showed it to him.

He said, “You have a return ticket but your ticket cannot work with the city tram. You need to buy a ticket here and take the city tram to Piccadilly. That tram will take you to Manchester. From Manchester you will then use this ticket to get to Leicester."

Okay! Where do I buy my ticket? I asked

The officer pointed at a machine, I walked to it, and I didn't know what to do.

I walked back to him and said, "Officer, I don't know what to do sir." 


He said, "Oh! sorry, sir. I should have shown you."

He followed me to the same machine. I gave him a ten-pounds note.
He inserted it into the machine. The ticket came out and then the balance of the money.

He handed everything to me and said, “Take the next tram to Manchester, it will be here in three minutes.”

I thanked him and offered him 5 pounds to say thank you.  He smiled and said, "There is no need for that sir, Safe journey."

I said, "Oh! Thank you, sir. God bless you. He said, "Amen. Are you a Christian?"
I said yes. He said, "So am I. God bless you."



I took the tram and then the train.

I got to Leicester thanking God for His blessings towards me.

Last week I was driving from Lagos Island to Ikeja. I was supposed to turn at that bridge in Gbagada or is it Bariga. I took the first turning towards Lagos Island instead of the second, I realised I had made a mistake because the bridge didn't look familiar.

I saw an officer. I parked and walked up to him.
"Sir, I am lost."

He said "Where are you going?"
I said, "Ikeja."

He said, "You took the wrong turn, you were supposed to take the second bridge."

I said, “I know, sir.”


He said, "Give me something so that I won't arrest you for parking in the wrong place."

I said, "Sir?"

He said, “You will have to reverse off this bridge back to the main road and then take the next bridge. I have to clear traffic for you. My supervisor is coming and you will pay more If he meets you here."

Toh! I got into my car and continued driving.

Google map helped me. It took me almost three hours but I eventually found my way to my destination.

Ps: I didn't write this to condemn the Nigerian police pls, I am just saluting them for the good job they are doing. I pray for them every day as I do for all Nigerians that in this chaos there shall be Light!