Make Time Count

Make Time Count

So this life is just a pot of Gbegiri and Ewedu. 
When it was time for NYSC, my dad asked 
where I wanted to serve and I said Lagos 
or nothing. 
He asked that I consider Abuja as he helped 
post my sister and cousin to serve at Abuja 
but I refused (as per the stubborn goat that 
I was). 
At school, whenever people were discussing 
where they’ll be posted and expressed fears 
at being posted to some obscure village, 
I’d say I was definitely going to get posted 
to Lagos - haq haq haq I dirrint know warris 
going on. 
On the day the posting came out I walked 
to the notice board very confidently only 
for me to see “AD” Beside my name.
 I exclaimed “ye Ado-Ekiti” then one 
nonsense boy beside me said “it’s 
Adamawa o! Not Adoekiti!” 
I couldn’t even cry. 
I was so sad. 

I didn’t even want to go to camp cuz I kept 
getting the feeling I won’t return and 
whenever I voiced out that thought, my mum 
would admonish me and ask me to stop
 saying nonsense. 
I went to the airport to catch a flight 
to yola (that was going to be my first time 
of flying so thank God for NYSC) and there 
I met my cousin’s friend who told me she 
was posted to Maiduguri and she had a 
guy who was working her redeployment 
back to Lagos for N34k. 
I asked her for the guy’s number and told 
my dad about him so he could give me 
the money to pay for the re-deployment 
but my dad said he was already working 
on the redeployment. 
I went to camp and I made like 4 friends 
but didn’t really mix. 

I was mostly always in my room 
When my peers were hanging out at the 
mammy market in the night and catching fun. 
I did all the climbing activities cuz I’m an 
adrenaline junky - that was the only aspect 
of camp I liked. 
Anyhoo, after endurance trek, we ran to 
the notice board when we heard the names 
of those redeployed were up. 
I almost fainted when I searched for my 
name and didn’t find it. 
I  called my dad and told him my name 
wasn’t on the list so he’d Have to give 
me the 34k to pay my friend’s guy to 
redeploy me which he gave me and I 
paid my friend's guy to work on my 

 From camp, I was posted to some local 
government in Mubi which is about 3 hours 
away from the capital of yola and is also 
surprisingly really cold compared to the 
harsh weather of yola. 
However, my dad pulled some strings and 
I was re-posted to NTA yola and so I 
departed for yola the following day. 
I went to NTA yola, did all the necessary 
things I needed to do and departed for 
Lagos the following day. 
I stayed back in Lagos for a whole month 
and when I returned to yola, I told them 
at NTA that I spent that length of time in 
Lagos because I was fixing my glasses 
and they didnt query me - instead they 
paid me my N4000 salary for the month 
I was away. 

I stayed with a friend at a corper's lodge 
assigned to her for another two weeks 
before my name would come out for 
redeployment to Lagos. 
In the  2 weeks I lived in Yola, I found that 
the Hausas are a very proud people - almost 
tending towards having a superiority 
They loved their language a lot and would 
rather speak it at all times instead of our 
lingua franca - English. 
They expected everyone to learn the language 
and communicate with them in it. 
I kid you not, during Friday meetings at NTA 
Yola, they'll legit be speaking Hausa and when 
they realise that I, a non-hausa was among 
them, they would apologise, tell me to hurry 
up and learn Hausa so I could understand them 
and continue speaking Hausa during the meeting. 

Whenever I went to town for instance and 
wanted to board a bus, I would speak lengthily
 about where I wanted to go to the bus 
conductor and after my long epistle I would 
get the reply of "ba hausa" or the most 
annoying one "i no hear english". 
I mean if you could take the pain to learn 
"i no hear english", couldn't you learn a few 
more words in English? 
This attitude of theirs made me decide that 
under no circumstance would I learn or speak 
even a single hausa word -and I maintained 
that resolve until I left permanently for Lagos 
2 weeks later. It was the “Zo” (the only Hausa 
word I knew which means  “come”) I  left Lagos 
with that, I returned to Lagos with! 

The reason for all this tales by moonlight is 
that I recently discovered my boo, Chingtok 
Ishaku who sings to me (ok maybe not to 
me but to God but my dreams/fantasies are 
valid) so beautifully in Hausa and I don't 
understand a word of what he was saying. 
This makes me wish that I had stayed back 
in Adamawa for the One year mandatory 
NYSC and learned the language. 
The morale of the story is that wherever 
you are, even if it isn't where you want to be, 
try to make the best use of the time and 
opportunity - immerse yourself in the culture 
or environment, learn as much as you can, 
develop yourself as much as you can, find 
your happy in the place and add value to 
the lives of the people you meet there so 
you don't end up regretting and wishing 
you had made better use of the time like
 I'm currently doing. 
Thanks for reading and in Falz' voice kizzez

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