Mass Hysteria

Mass Hysteria


(Numbers 13,14)

Moses sent 12 men into the Promised Land.

He wanted them to go see what the Land looked like.

What kind of people are there?

Are they weak?

Are they strong?

Are there minerals there?

Is the land good for agriculture?

Do they have water bodies?

Is it flat?

Is it hilly?

Whatever the land is like, go find out and come tell us.

They entered the Promised Land clandestinely. They were spies, they did not want to be caught. They knew it was a dangerous mission.

They came back after 40 days.

They were asked to face a Panel to explain what they saw.

“What we saw? We streamed it live on Instagram- didn’t you see it? We posted many pictures on Social Media! There were GIANTS there! They were at least 10 feet tall! They saw us as grasshoppers, and indeed we looked like grasshoppers compared to them!”

Moses shifted on his seat. He was a bit uncomfortable because he had indeed seen the pictures on Social Media. But he knew they were fake. The man they said was 10 feet tall was not more than 6 feet 4 inches. The Instagram livestream had more questions than answers. Unfortunately, Social Media is not something you can control: the people saw the videos and pictures and were already in a frenzy! A mass hysteria had already taken over the people!

“So, you people want to kill us here! Wouldn’t it have been better we died in Egypt? Why has God brought us out here to fall prey to these giants? Is it not better we return to Egypt? Our Leaders want to destroy us! We have lost confidence in Moses and Aaron! Let us go back to Egypt! Things were better under Pharaoh GEJ!”

Joshua and Caleb were part of the 12 man team that went to spy the Land. They saw things differently. They were not carried away by the mass hysteria. They were more logical and less emotional. “No, folks! Things are not as you’re seeing it! These pictures and videos were doctored! We can take the Land- there are no giants there!” But the mob would not listen. They threw insults and curses at Joshua and Caleb. They threatened them. They even started a few hashtags on Social Media:




They later turned their anger on Aaron: Why is he still there as the Vice President? He should resign! If he doesn’t resign, he will go down as a man who supported tyranny and stood against the people!

The people were just frustrated, throwing tantrums like children. The irony is, they were frustrated because they chose to believe the report of the 10 and ignore the 2.

They chose to believe the Instagram livestream and CNN. They chose to see these submissions as TRUTH- even when there were obvious loopholes in their narratives.

However, a few of the people chose to believe Joshua and Caleb. “We can take out thee folks’, they said. “We don’t believe the Instagram livestream and the CNN report!”

The mob who believed CNN & the Instagram reports got angry! But rather than engage in a debate with facts and figures, with evidences and proof, they resorted to insults, curses and threats: “How dare you not believe what we believe! You’re very stupid! You’re idiots! You’re mad! Your children don’t deserve you as parents! You will die before your time! If I had a gun, I’ll put a bullet in your head! And on and on they went.

The curses, insults and threats were so much, a few of those who didn’t believe the Instagram and CNN reports buckled. They changed their submissions to flow with the majority. They were Celebrities and Influencers among the Israelites and they did not want to lose their popularity. They get their validation and self worth from public perception, so they follow the majority opinion. They are supposed to be “Influencers”, influencing the minds and thoughts of society. But in truth, it’s the other way round- society influences them.

Moses and Aaron were shocked at the reaction. Why the curses? Why the insults? Why threaten? Because they chose to see things differently? Because they chose to believe differently? Because they don’t think and perceive like you?

And the LORD said to Moses, “How long will these people provoke me? How long will it be before they believe me, for all the signs which I have showed them? How long will they be carried away with mass hysteria, emotional drama and noise? When will they learn to be objective and logical? When will they use their reasoning ability to think things through? When will they stop being unnecessarily emotional, sentimental and dramatic?”

And Moses responded, “Lord, have mercy on them! They are just ignorant folks who still see Egypt as a better option. This noise is not about the Promised Land: They have always had a narrative about the leadership of Aaron and I. When any challenge comes, their first reaction is, “If only we had remained in Egypt with Pharaoh! At least we had onions and garlic! One Dollar was N 150! Fuel was N 87 per litre! They forget they were slaves. So when the Instagram report came and the CNN seemed to support it, they went hysterical! They forgot the scripture, “If they had been mindful of where they came from, they would have had the opportunity to go back”- Hebrews 11:15. They just want to go back to Egypt. It’s all an agenda, LORD!”

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.


Haruna Daniels