Title: Offence?

The  whirlwind of life kicks in sometimes
Creating the notorious near-cylindrincal fire and sand image running amok 
Some are displaced and flung off, some are burned
While this happens, some lose hope in the power of the eternal life we have received
Because what they see outweigh the unseen powerful eternal
Knowledge is deeply lacking in many too.

Sometimes your feet aren't fully grounded
As you are carried up and up into the sky
Appearing to be drifting alone in the world
You said to yourself, "I've been uprooted from my place", "I'm alone now what do I do", or whatever somber words it could be
Perhaps you even cry with sadness ravaging you while moving all around in the sky
Yet you forget that whirlwind is only temporary 
As you glide easily down on the wings of the eagle
With your garb of righteousness intact and reflecting the beautiful light of the Spirit 
Lighter, and better you are
And your Father smiles at you.

Do not take offence little children
Don't let anger stay in your heart, sons 
For the whole world is the treasure your Father has given to you 
Thrive therein
Make progress and let the heir of salvation come home
Let the river of gospel move as you move
Converting the "living dead" to the "living living"