Open House


Someone in desperate need reaches out to you and others saying,  Please help with my hospital bill or please help with my rent, or please help with my child’s school fees.”

This person sends to many people, you decided you would help and you did so.

Instead of this person to tell the other people he or she reached out to that,  “Thank you, I have been helped.” He or she keeps quiet.  


The others begin to send her money too Since we have a principle of left hand not knowing what the right is doing This person is ends up robbing other people of their opportunities due to dishonest behaviour.Yesterday the same thing happened again.

If it is the decision of people that we shouldn’t help them in distress again; I am game.

If we can be of assistance to those in need we shouldn’t have to deal with the deceit of the person we desire to assist too. There is a thin line between asking for help genuinely and turning to a scammer.

So I published the request and the full name of the person I helped out with school fees yesterday because the same request I got and took care of was sent to another minister and the minister reached out to me.

Many Nigerians are naturally dishonest and they have this sense of entitlement that makes one weary of offering them a helping hand. It is a National problem.

Even when we went to Kwara, we were told to beware of people trying to take advantage of our kind hearts. It is well!

If I send you money, I am publishing your full request and the bank evidence of helping you on my timeline henceforth. It is time the left hand starts knowing what the right hand is doing.

If you are not comfortable with it, please seek for help elsewhere.

I have to be accountable too.