Paternity Fraud

Paternity Fraud

Two of his uncles sold off their grandmother's property located in Lagos without informing members of the family. 

His other uncles and aunties heard it and protested. He felt it was their business, and felt that they shouldn’t involve him. 

His father said, "You need to know that those two are not really your uncles. 

In 1956, when I was 10 years old, I was living with the father of those two in Asaba.

He was working then with NEPA. Their mother was a lady from our village who he was sleeping with at the time but he knew she had a main guy she was also sleeping with. 

She got pregnant and the main guy she was dating refused to collect the pregnancy, so she brought the pregnancy to our family. 

Their father, my uncle, rejected the pregnancy. Then she went back to the village to report the matter to her father. Her father was influential at the palace and narrated the ordeal to the King. 

The king sent for the head of our family and her family and ordered that my uncle accepted responsibility for the pregnancy. 

That was how she came into the family. A few months later she delivered a set of twins. When you look at all your uncles, you will notice that those two are different. 

They had children with several women, refused to be educated, always acted like scoundrels and usually do whatever they liked without recourse to the feelings or welfare of the family. 

They are bastards and they are proving it daily! 

He said "Wow!"

His father said, "Yeah, did you notice that their children are also wild and uncouth? Smoking marijuana and dropping out of school anyhow? 

They will be the headache of your generation. That’s the long-term consequence of paternity fraud.

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