Persuading Ruth

Persuading Ruth

It started like a joke 
He had a friend who was divorced 
His friend's wife, instigated by her 
parents, left him for greener pastures 
in another country 
They didn't have any children after 
five years of marriage 
The move broke his friend to pieces 
His friend became depressed and
started nursing suicidal thoughts 
He was not aware of all the issues from 
the start 
He suddenly noticed his friend's withdrawal 
and dark moods one Saturday evening 
He was a believer 
Happily married with children 
He felt a strong urge to pray for his friend, 
the burden was so real
he prayed a little that night but felt he 
needed to know what was going on 
in order to be more effective in the 
place of prayer 
The next morning, he drove to his 
friend's house 
What he saw was heartbreaking 
It was like walking into a roofed waste bin 
Everywhere was dark and dirty
His friend was sleeping on the couch in 
the sitting room He was still in the same 
clothes he wore to the office the 
previous day 
The doors were closed but not locked 
overnight (He went to his friend's house 
very early in the morning) 
It was the way the house anyone who 
had given up on life would look 
His friend couldn't stop crying while 
they were talking 
He had invested everything in his marriage 
and didn't expect his wife to just walk out 
the door without as much as a backward 
According to him, his wife suddenly came 
up with a story about moving abroad 
He thought it was a joke at first 
Within a month his wife had done her 
passport and was talking about getting 
a letter of invitation from her older brother 
That was when he realized she was very 
He tried to reason with her about the plan 
They both had good jobs and
he wasn't prepared to leave certainty for 
uncertainty especially because he had 
no savings to fall back on in case things 
go awry 
His wife listened to him but she didn't 
hear him 
Three weeks later she went for the interview 
at the embassy and got the visa at first try 
He told her when she told him about the 
visa that the marriage would be practically 
over if she traveled as planned 
She didn't say anything 
It was as if she had made up her mind to 
leave and was just waiting for the clock 
to run out on their marriage 
Three weeks later, the clock did run out
He got home from the office and she was 
She took only her clothes 
She didn't leave a message, a mail or an 
She executed her departure like an assassin 
It was cold, emotionless and wicked 
He told himself he would never call her 
She didn't call too 
After a month he decided he had to reach 
out for the sake of his peace of mind 
He unblocked her on WhatsApp and was 
about to send her a message when he 
saw her display picture 
She was with a guy
They were kissing and blowing love rings 
She had moved on to another man seamlessly!
That was the day the strange feeling 
enveloped him 
He had been heartbroken before then 
But he was nursing the hope that she 
would return to him and he would be 
able to vent 
Seeing her smiling in another man's arms 
broke him in silly places 
He felt worthless and emotionally heavy
When his friend was done with the story, 
he felt like crying too 
Some women can be so callous His friend 
and his wife were the richest and happiest 
couple he knew 
They didn't have any children but they 
never looked as if they were bothered 
about it 
How could she walk out like that
He encouraged his friend that morning, 
they prayed together. 
When he got home he told his wife what 
had happened, his wife felt very sorry for 
his wife 
From that day, his wife packed two lunch 
baskets for him to take to the office as a 
gesture of support 
He also started studying how to help a 
friend through heartbreak on the internet 
He wanted to do the right things and 
help his friend heal quickly 
His friend responded kindly to his 
gestures and all but his friend didn't 
get better 
One night, around 1 AM, his friend 
called him 
It was an emergency!
When he got to the police station in the 
morning, he was told his friend was 
arrested in a bar fight 
He bailed his friend 
His friend told him the pain was too 
intense at night 
He had to find his way to a club and drink 
to blunt the edge of the pain but 
that night someone insulted him and 
he reacted 
The pain of a heartbreak can sometimes 
be so serious that one would feel as if a 
knife (physical and real) had been 
plunged into one's back or chest. 
He knew this from experience 
He had also read about such destructive 
behavioural pattern on the internet as a
possible reaction to heartbreak 
He told his friend he understood 
The following day, he tucked his children 
in bed by 9 pm & told his wife he wanted 
to check on his friend 
When he got to his friend's house, his 
friend was already dressed and about to 
go to the club 
He tagged along
That night, his friend drank some bottles 
of beer and they watched a champions 
league match together 
He dropped his friend home at 11 pm 
He told his wife it was just a phase and 
his friend would soon be out of it 
All his friend needed was moral support 
and a shoulder to lean on
He was determined to provide that 
His wife trusted him with all her heart 
She was 26 when she met him 
They were both in the church choir and 
drawn to each other like the two ends 
of a magnet He was also a bleeding heart 
who would do anything to assist anyone 
in a dilemma 
It was one of the most alluring things about 
She didn't question the late-night runs 
She knew it was not him, it was like a service 
her husband was rendering to humanity 
Her husband always came back before 
midnight and he was usually in good spirit 
knowing his hurting friend was safely tucked 
away in bed 
The night crawling went on for about two 
Then the pattern changed 
She began to perceive cigarette and alcohol 
in his breath 
She asked him if he was smoking and drinking 
He said NO He had never lied to her and she 
believed him 
One day he was away all night 
He didn't even bother to call 
His behaviour suddenly changed 
He became secretive, evasive, curt and 
almost insulative whenever she brought up 
issues about the change she was seeing 
The songs he played in his car also 
He began to dress in a changed manner too
It was as if he was evolving right before her 
very eyes 
She did everything to stop him from sliding 
into the mud in the name of helping his 
The more she tried, the more estranged they 
It was so bad at a time that they hardly 
talked to each other at home 
He was lost
She started praying for him 
He didn't see himself as lost 
He was just living his life Protecting himself 
against the wickedness of women 
His friend and some other men her met 
at the bar had filled his ears with tales 
of women's penchant for infidelity, 
manipulations and control
He didn't want to fall victim like his friend 
One evening, his friend met a babe at 
the club 
The babe had a younger sister 
Both of them were friendly and warm 
His friend was mending Love cures its own ills 
It started as going with the flow 
Then it escalated 
He fell in love...
The girl was as naive as he was
She didn't seduce or enchant him
Honour, love. faith, religion and all the
other virtues just faded
She was real and so was he
Subtle touches led to holding
Holding hands led to kisses
He knew he should stop but his
imagination had been awakened
Plus, his body reacted to the new
girl with a strange eagerness
His body wanted it badly
So he gave in
His wife knew as soon as he started
cheating on her
He never learned how to live a double
life and left a trail that a blind man
could follow
it became a tug of war
She loved him but wouldn't tolerate
his foolishness
He loved her but he couldn't stop
himself from straying
Her friends told her to leave
A family meeting was called
He insisted he wanted his marriage
and his children
He had no intention of trading one
for the other
He apologized and promised to
mend his ways
But he was too weak to stop sliding
dipper into the hole
His wife reached out to the brother
in Jeans and T-shirt
She wanted to know if she should 
walk away from the marriage or stay
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt told
her to hold on
He told her her husband would come
back home
Strays almost always find their way
home unless spiritually induced not
Her husband had followed his wits
into trouble but God does not abandon
his own
They prayed and waited
One rainy day, one year after he started
the relationship, he decided enough
was enough
Sin was not designed to bring only
Sin brings a mixture of pleasure and 
maximum pain 
This is the burden that the sinner bears
emotionally, psychologically and practically
This was the burden Jesus asked us
to lay upon him when we gave our lives
to him!
Three days after he came back home
His wife introduced him to the brother
in Jeans and T-shirt
He told the brother in Jeans and T-shirt
the whole story
The brother in Jeans and T-shirt asked
if he could speak to his friend
(The one he was trying to counsel after
a heartbreak)
The Brother in jeans and T-shirt and the
friend talked and prayed
Two weeks later, his friend's wife came
to herself in the UK
(She had been demonically enchanted
by the guy she ran away with and wasn't
in her right senses when she did all that
she did)
She returned home to her husband
Her husband called the brother in 
Jeans and T-shirt
Why should i take her back after all
the evil she did to me?
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt said
"Your friend was not enchanted, he
deliberately got persuaded to leave
his wife 
You were there and you let it happen.
You didn't caution your friend and
you didn't stop clubbing and getting
into wrong relationships just so you
can help your friend from getting lost
and yet his wife graciously forgave
him and even you!
Your own wife was enchanted
and didn't know how she was lured
away from you. You were prayerless
and powerless and a wolf came into
your sheep pen and carried away
your lamb. Who should be blamed
for that? It was you!
Forgive your wife and close that
He did
Both couples met with the Brother
in Jeans and T-shirt in December 2017
They prayed together and were 
filled with the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit worked his wonders 
in the reality of the estranged wife
and her husband
She got pregnant in March 2018
She delivered her baby boy in
January 2019!

PS: Feminists and other weird
thinkers should please keep away
from this testimonies
If you read it a million times, you
can never understand it
it wasn't written in your language
I heard a good news today
and I also received a phone call
of joy
One of my sisters with a similar 
story has welcomed her husband
back home
The Husband, a believer, had strayed
but the Holy Spirit guided him back
I rejoice to see this testimony
I am dedicating this testimony to
Sister Ruth
I know what it feels like to receive
your dead back alive and the lost
back in your arms
Your bedroom shall be lit tonight!
Go, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GSW's notes: There is a group of 
people who placed philosophies above
the word of God
They got married with an axe in one
"If she misbehaves, she gotta go
If he misbehaves, he gotta walk"
Nonsense and irritant!
They live miserable lives and wherever
you see them you see the seed of their
hatred and bitterness spreading so
much vile, venom and vice all
over the world
If we will live by Kingdom principles
marriages will be heaven on earth
Unfortunately, we do not
Many who desire to have happy
marriages got duped and ended
up marrying frauds
Without the Holy Spirit, the lost
cannot be found
But if the Holy Spirit finds the lost
and you say "Keep it, I don't want"
Who then do you belong to?
His sheep surely hear his voice!

2) When the Holy Spirit gives you
an assignment, please use only
spiritual tools as Instructed and guided
by the Holy Spirit
Don't go surfing the internet or 
thinking up a solution
You will get into a big mess

Finally, when you want to help a
drowning friend, make sure you
are a trained lifeguard
If you jump into the river or swimming
pool out of zeal without knowledge
You can drown too!
I celebrate all the couples who are
pushing through and cruising through
I love your homes and i bless your
marriages in Jesus name!