Reined In

Reined In

The power of the Holy Spirit was given to all men for profit
Some men understand this and use the power with the heart of Christ
Some other people understand this but couldnt help themselves
They abuse the power of the Holy Spirit
They use the anointing to wreck lives and destinies
The funny thing is, once the power was given to any man, it becomes his to profit by
The sons of Thunder earned their name by asking Jesus if they could call down thunder
on a city that barred Jesus from entering it
Jesus told them they know not the manner of "spirit" that is in them
The Holy Spirit was not given as a weapon of destruction
The fountain of love and light cannot bring forth hate and darkness
This does not make the Holy Spirit a weak, powerless spirit
On the contrary, it is source code of creation itself
Every other power in heaven and on earth derive their potency from it
For every believer the Holy Spirit guarantees a victorious life
While it is omnipotent in its ability
The power is at its best when wielded with wisdom
One of his spiritual mentors once told the story of how he was invited to minister abroad
As soon as he got into his hotel room, he knelt down to thank God for journey mercies
Suddenly he heard a voice screaming Fire! Fire!! Fire!!!
He got on his knees and started tracing the source of the noise
Eventually he opened the wardrobes
A naked young lady jumped out and started running about
She had been planted in the wardrobe of the preacher's hotel room by some ungodly people
They had told her to wait for the Man of God to undress before throwing herself at him
After all he is a man like every other
If he fell for it and slept with her
She would become another "Monika Lewinski"
But this time her face would be all over the news to bringing down a man who claims "God" speaks to him
The argument would then be made that why didn't God warn the man about the trap set for him
If he didn't fall for it and resisted her advances
The pictures taken would tell another story entirely!
The scandal mongers were in for rude shock
The power at work in the man of God was too lethal
The lady didn't make it
She died in the hospital
The day he heard that story, he decided he wanted that sort of power
He didn't want the version of the Holy Spirit that he had seen in many others
The version that can be trapped, bullied, cheated and tortured
The version that is always waiting for a reward in heaven
He wanted the power that Paul used against Bar-Jesus
The Power that shook off the beast into the Fire
The Fire that thugs saw in 1998 when they went against the man in bow tie and short sleeved shirt
The power that rules and reigns over principalities and powers
He fasted for many days
He prayed for many days
He thirsted
He hungered
He studied the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation over 20 times
He was in a hurry!
The Power was a promise to all believers
God is promise keeping Father
He got the power!
He knew the very day he got it
He was praying and suddenly electric current like charges were coursing through him
His knees wobbled, his legs turned to Jelly
His hands were shaking of their own accord, his head was on fire
His heart felt hot within him, his hands grew warm
His tongue started spitting fire
He could practically see tomorrow!
At first he didn't know what to do with the power
He knew he had gotten it
But what was he to do with it?
He thought when he entered into a gathering, everybody would just summersault
It didn't happen!
He thought when he shook hands with somebody such a fellow would just fall under the anointing
It didn't happen
He thought he could turn water to wine
He tried it, it didn't happen
He locked a padlocked and prayed that it would open
It didn't happen
He started doubting that he was powerful
Until one day, his landlady was supposed to get prepaid meter
He had paid the woman for the meter but she refused to procure it
The bill he was getting every month was just too astronomical
He told the Landlady he wouldn't pay his rent if the meter issue was not resolved
Landlady thought about the threat and devised a means to get her money
There was a man in their street who was renowned as a herbalist
He was the one who arms the local militia in the community with charms
The landlady employed the man as her caretaker
The man came to his house and introduced himself
What was the cause of the disagreement between you and mama? The man asked him
He told the man what had happened
The man listened
Suddenly the man said "So and So, you must obey what I am about to tell you!
You are not allowed to disagree! Go inside your room now and bring that rent to me"
He stood up as instructed
He went into the room
He started laughing
The man was using "Say and Do" charm on him
He wanted to pick something!
A mop stick, a broom, something and beat up the man
The Holy Spirit said "NO"
The Holy Spirit said "He spoke to you, he used words, go back and do the same"
He went to the man
"Sir, I am not giving you my money! Don't ever return to my flat and use juju on me again
I spare you today because the Holy Spirit said I should. Next time, I will not be merciful"
The man couldn't believe it
He had promised the woman that he would return with the money
How was he supposed to explain that his charm failed woefully
The man looked at him and said "My son, I dont want to go back empty handed! Can you give me anything for her?
He said no!
The man left!
Two days later, as he was opening his car bonnet, a black cat jumped out
He didnt count it as anything
When he got to church, the man and two other men had gone to meet his pastor
They told his pastor to tell him to move away from their street
They do not want him there again
He is affecting their business in that territory
His pastor told him to avoid trouble and move away from the area quietly
He refused!
A week later, his car was stolen
He parked the car in the evening, saw it around 8pm when he was seeing a friend off
When he woke up in the morning, the car was gone
It was very painful
His Father in-law gave him one of his cars, A BMW 5 series to use while saving to buy another car
Three months after he got the car, he got home in the afternoon and the car's engine caught fire
Just like that!
He got to his room
Father, Unleash mayhem on all those making war against my peace!
He prayed that prayer only once
His landlady was in the hospital that night
The caretaker's wife and four of his children (All adult male) were arrested by the police over another issue
Some touts in the area had a nasty fight leading to three deaths
His stolen car was crushed by a container
Three people died in it!
Someone close to the landlady came to him
"Please sir, let go! The entire street is troubled! Please let it go"
That week he got a new car, he also got miraculous financial help
He moved away from the house into a better one
It was only after he left that his landlady was discharged from the hospital!
He realized that day that the believer's offensive power lies in his or her mouth!
It was his first taste of dominion power
He thoroughly enjoyed it!
He used the power at every opportunity
The more he used it, the more it grew
Until he was totally giddy with the power
August 2018, he went for his ordination
They ordainees were told to be seated by 6AM
The Ordination service would last at most four hours
He woke up early and drove to the venue of the ordination
As he was about to park, he saw the sign "Reserved for So and So ministers"
He told himself "This is very early in the morning, none of those minister will be around until evening,
He needed to park close to the venue of the ordination
He was fasting and wearing a brand new suit
Though he felt very uncomfortable in his spirit
He parked there! (He reasoned that nobody has two heads and the parking spaces were totally empty)
To ensure that his car wouldn't be stolen or towed away
He used the steering lock and the electronic lock to secure his car
He rushed into the venue of the ordination
The ordination went smoothly
He went in a "Brother", he came out a "Deacon"
Once the ordination was over and he collected his certificate
He rushed to the parking lot to drive home
When he got there, his car had disappeared!
WOAH! What!!!!!!
The parking space was totally empty
He went to the security officers at the parking lot to ask them if they towed any car
They said No! They only tow vehicles during the evening services
He told them he couldn't find his car
he gave them the number and model
They started searching the entire parking lot
They searched over and over for two hours
He had to conclude his car had been stolen
He turned to the Holy Spirit
He said "Father, you said affliction shall not rise a second time, my car has been stolen!"
The Holy Spirit said "I told you not to park there, you insisted"
He said "But the parking space was empty"
The Holy Spirit said "You obeyed your sight rather than my instruction!"
He said: "I am sorry sir"
The Holy Spirit said "You are beginning to behave like Samson, thinking power is everything! It is not!
You have the Seven spirits of God in you, if you only focus on one and bulldoze your way through life,
you will not be adequately representing the heart of Christ. You must rein in your excesses!"
He fell on his knees "Yes sir"
As he opened his eyes and looked up, he saw his car standing alone almost one kilometer away from the parking lot!
It was a miracle he could even see that far!
He walked slowly towards it
When he got close enough, he pressed the electronic lock on the key
The car's light blinked
He stood right beside the car and looked inside it!
The steering lock was intact, everything in the car was as it was when he parked
How did his car move from about 200 feet behind the auditorium to 1 kilometer away from the auditorium
He got the message immediately!
He adjusted!
As he drove away from where the Holy Spirit re-parked his car he promised himself
Never again would he have to be corrected by the Holy Spirit for the same offence!

- The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt (January 21, 2019)

PS: For weeks after this Incidence, He couldn't tell anybody what happened,

How would he have said it?

The few people he told believed him only because they have walked with him for a long time and have come to believe he had nothing to gain by making up such an incredulous story

The supernatural is still here with us

Thirst for it

It is your right in Christ