Salmon and Rahab

Salmon and Rahab


(Matthew 1:5, Joshua 2:1-24)

Salmon got up from the bed and wore his trousers. He zipped up and glanced at her. She was still fast asleep. He wondered if he should wake her up, but he decided against it. He knew she was tired. She always was, after their time together.

She was a prostitute, he was a customer. He comes over once or twice a week to patronize her. He has been doing this for about a year.

His mind went back to the first time he met her. He had come over to her city with his partner as spies, sent by their Boss Joshua to find out everything they could about the city. They got in clandestinely, went about their espionage work for a few days until their cover was blown. And they became fugitives, trying to escape.

Then they met her. And for some reason, she was willing to help them. They followed her through the dark back streets, avoiding the areas the Police were doing their routine checks. At some point, Salmon wondered if they were too trusting: what if she was leading them into a trap? What if she was leading them to the Head of the Police himself? These thoughts passed through his mind as they followed her.

He glanced at his partner. They both wore hooded jackets, their hands in the pockets. They both held automatic pistols in their hands, in case they had to go out fighting. They were ready for anything.

Suddenly, they got to a door. She brought out a bunch of keys and opened it. She ushered them in. Salmon and his partner removed their hoods and scanned the room with their eyes, looking out for any danger. They locked the windows and drew the curtains. Salmon walked up to her. “Why are you doing this? If your people find out you’re helping us, they’ll label you a traitor and sentence you to death for treason!”

“I know, sir. But I also know about your God. We’ve all heard how you guys took out Sihon and Og, Kings of the Amorites, how your God parted the Red Sea for you guys to walk across on dry ground, and all that. I can guarantee you all residents of Jericho will do what I’m doing! I’m just trying to save my life here, sir; it’s a self preservation call…”

Salmon nodded. He felt much better, knowing her reason for helping them. She sounded genuine. “My house is built on the wall. I will let you out though the window so you escape”, she said. She brought out a rope and tied on the burglar bars on the window. “Quick! Get out and escape! But remember me when you guys come back to take over the city…”

“We will definitely remember you, ma’am! I will personally see to it that nothing happens to you. Leave this rope on the window and bring everybody you want saved into you house. I will inform you when we are coming. Give me your number.” Salmon passed his phone to her and she punched in her numbers…

“Hey you…” Salmon was jolted back.

She was awake.

She smiled at him.

He smiled back.

It was 7:00am.

“I have to leave now”, he said. “I have a few things to do this morning.”

“That’s fine. When next will I see you? I know you’re a busy man…”

“Yeah, I am. My job is very taxing!”

In that moment, there was a knock on the door.

“Ah! I guess I have another customer…”

In that moment, Salmon felt a strong pang of jealousy!

“Rahab, I have been wanting to ask you: why do you do this job? How long do you want to do it? I don’t think it’s a sustainable way to live, honestly. Do you ever think of getting married and raising a family? I have known you for a while; you’re a good woman! You may not be the most morally upright one, but you are a good woman, Rahab…”

The knock on the door was persistent!

“Salmon, I don’t know any man who would want to marry a prostitute. I am not proud of my profession, but how do I keep body and soul together? I don’t have much of a choice here!”

“I think I can help you, Rahab.”

“How? You have a job for me?”

“No. But I just may have something better.”

“What? Salmon, please don’t joke with me! I hate to think you’re just joking about this…”

Salmon smiled and walked to the door. He opened it, talked to the man outside, dismissed him, locked the door and walked back to her.

“You won’t be doing this job again, Rahab. You won’t be having customers again!” And he went down on one knee and asked: “Rahab, will you marry me?”

Rahab looked at him incredulously. “Salmon!!! You want to marry a prostitute???”

“An ex-prostitute, Darling. You are not one anymore. We all have our past; we shouldn’t let it decide our future.”

Rahab hugged and kissed him.

“Yes! I will marry you, Salmon…”


Haruna Daniels.