The Dance

The Dance

He:        I see you, so why have you come to 
sit at my feet?

She: `    To come listen to you, latch on your 
words, and decorate my life with it.... 
Like beautiful maidens with garlands seated
 by clear flowing streams.   

He:        Oh My! You have the silver tongue I 
can feel every word Jump to life! Drink from 
this fountain, bask in the glow of its sunshine

She:     Your words to my ears are like the gold 
Sleeping on the ears and breasts of a chosen 
Jingling with life on her sunshine kissed skin
A maiden with skin formed in the kiln of the gods

He:       Were you the one I saw, upon the wings 
of the dawn, 
Dancing and singing in the twilight of my dreams 
Was it your drum I heard, rousing me from slumber, 
bidding me to draw nearer? 
Was it your water that bids me thirst, or your 
gyrations that bid me taste?

She:     It was I. 
Albeit being with joy in the twilight of your 
I had shed tears mixed with star drops from the 
Calm yet strong like water, but has carried stings 
of all who came in... 
I long to be calm and free... 
At the hollow of my navel, a beautiful drum 
Yet protected by death and fire... 
No more of being vulnerable.... 
But unyielding and strong. 
Waiting for the worthy drumstick, 
To taste the sweet goodness beneath the scary 
and menacing exterior
Made by drumsticks who abused the paradise 
let out to them by the kindness of my heart.

He:       Wholeness lies at this feet 
Pureness lies in its wake 
Restoration at its heart 
It was you indeed, weary from the wanderings 
in desert of love, 
Chanced upon indeed a redeeming fountain 
that makes all things new 
Drink now, bask, and delight in this spring 
And the crown less shall be crowned once more 
The hollow drum delighting its drumstick again 
Just sit, drink and wait...

She:     My heart jumps... 
The fountains glitter once more. 
Indeed I shall drink and swim.... 
I shall unclad and let the purity of this fountain 
caress my skin... 
I shall let it flow down.... 
Upon the sloppy mounds on my chest... 
Perhaps, my thirsty heart could have a 
refreshing drink.... 
Oh what joy fills my heart... 
The leaves are green again, the air no 
longer chokes. 
I shall cool my head and run my fingers 
upon it... 
As I await my drumstick's crown upon it... 
And with the crown, we shall make melodious 
songs that will uplift the faintest of hearts... 
Indeed, I wait.

He:       Welcome, you shall be called
 'silver-tongue' a queen from faraway, 
Clad in the garb of eminence 
Following the steps of an ancient one 
from Sheba, 
Journeying Fareast in search of wisdom 
at Solomon's feet.
Nothing shall be denied you here as long 
as you do the asking. 
Again, I bid you welcome, Silver-tongue 

She:     And I shall sit by your feet.
In joy that indeed I have been welcomed by 
the Master.... 
A man whose words are embroidered with 
golden threads.... 
Lined with studs of diamonds, spun by the 
keeper of the gods. 
With your words, I latch on to what life truly is.. 
An oasis....
After searching wide and far in the parched 
I get to give fresh life to my tired bones.

It was spontaneous, it was ethereal and it 
was beautiful!
And to think our paths had never crossed 
before that day!
Words are indeed powerful
My words summoned a life
That life took on flesh
And the flesh took on a face
Out of nowhere, we had lunch a few days 

I open the gushers of love this minute
I ask the Holy Spirit to transform these words
Let the words take on positive vibes
For those who are single and lonely
I command love to stir your hearts
For the married ones, I command a 
season of refreshing
I disband the hordes of loneliness and 
In Jesus name!

PS: On August 27, 2018, I wrote a piece 
about the Drum and the Drumstick, it 
unearthed the genius in a young lady, 
one of my mentees. 
She slid into my DM and made art live! 
Amakaemeh a.k.a.
@Irmingaud and @gbengawemimo’s poetic 
exchange via DM, birthed this piece now 
titled “The Dance”