The Keeper

The Keeper


My greatest freedom is found in my 
lostness in him
His love floods my entire being; 
I'm drowning yet not scared
Each moment spent with him is bliss, 
nothing compares
The aroma of his care encircles me 

The hunger to have more of you supersedes 
My horizon is coloured with your awesome 
My soul feeds off your love and unlimited 
Filling, lifting, trapping, like honey, sweetness 

He validates me without asking for 
He sends his blessing my way, 
I don't pay for shipment
Beautiful are his thoughts towards me
My lover, my friend.

An ever present help I need at every turn
Guiding, ordering my thoughts, steps 
and actions
Seeing me for whom I truly am
Never tired, never complaining, always 
on point.


The Keeper has Kept

He promised to open the door to inspiration
He said I will feed their hearts and souls 
with the beauty of heaven
I am seeing many writers and composers
Has he not kept his promise

He said I will fill their hearts with warmth
They will love and care as a brother to a 
They will share and give selflessly as 
unto me
Am I not seeing it happen?
Has he not kept his promise?

He promised to show many the expression 
of heaven
He said "Heaven will not an abstract 
reality to them
They shall see and testify of the reality of 
heaven in their hearts
Am I not seeing that?
Has the keeper not kept?

He said I will raise heads
I will raise hands
I will raise hearts
I will raise destinies
I will raise glories
I will flood them with the essence of 
I will open their eyes to see
Their friends and angels from the 
Realms of Glory
Has He not done it?

He said he will heal the sick and restore 
He said I will care for their flesh and mend 
their bones
He said "They will come to me as one, all of 
you in one colour as equals"

This he has done
This he has done in my very eyes

He said I will make your group and gathering 
Many will long to pay to be a part of you
What you have is what many long for with 
I have given you my power
I have given you my presence
I have given you my joy
You have all of me
I dwell in your midst
I am your light
I have always taken delight in your 
You will delight in mine yet again

He has done that too!
He has done all that he promised 
to do
In his own way
At his own time
He has done so much
Thank you Jesus
Glory be to God
Thank you Family
You made me see His glory 
You made me experience his word 
come alive
You shared with me a Koinonia of 
divine reality
He has kept his promises
The keeper has kept