The Lair of Hypocrites

The Lair of Hypocrites

If you have never started a church or a fellowship in your life, you can never understand what it means to lead one

If you have never started a company from the scratch but joined the company to earn your monthly pay, you can never claim you understand what it takes to run a company

The church that Jesus named Peter as its head in his lifetime was not run by Peter after resurrection

James the brother of Jesus became the Bishop of the church in Jerusalem

Peter, the Cephas, the chosen one became an itinerant Bishop visiting churches planted by others in Europe

If you go now to Google, you will see that it names Peter as the first Pope, even though Peter was long dead before the advent of the Catholic Church

He was a figurehead Pope written into History to give the Catholic Church a form of legitimacy at the time

Most of those commenting on the succession of churches, etcetera, today are what we will call armchair pundits

They didn’t plant a farm, they didn’t water the seed, they didn’t put a sickle out to harvest the grains but they want to determine who distributes what and how

That is the key to not achieving much in life

A father raises his own children in his own image

If a father sees a child of his as not conforming to his image the father will protest vehemently and not take pleasure in such a child

I cannot imagine the children of some GOs in Nigeria ever thinking of keeping their hair or not dressing corporately most of the time

There is an image their father bears and he expects his children to bear the same image

If however a father is open minded enough to allow his children express themselves as they like in whatever fashion, and he didn’t mind in his lifetime to see his son wearing dreadlocks and perming his hair or wearing earrings or whatever, it is hypocritical to ask such a son to conform to your own standard which his father didn’t set for him while he was alive

It Is simply not your business

Hypocrisy has taken over the Nigerian church in such a manner that it has become a big dross to the move of the supernatural

People keep a certain face for the public and another for their real lives

And the church is acting as if this should be the norm

Jesus outrightly condemned this

He berated the Pharisees, Sadducees and religious leaders for it sternly

We should endeavor to follow in these footsteps

The Holy Spirit never has issues with what Christians wear as a whole but he might have issues with you personally as to how you dress

Your standard then is not to be foisted on everybody

It is between you and him

To insist others have to dress in a certain way for them to please God or you is absolute foolishness

Nobody is here to serve you or to please you and you have no idea what God desires of anyone but the spirit of God at work in such a person

Nobody named you a gatekeeper for the kingdom in style and dressing

That white people brought us the gospel and they came wearing suit does not make the gospel a suit wearing endeavor

Jesus never wore suits and the west did not adopt the Jewish style of dressing when they accepted the gospel

Religion is a funny animal

In Nigeria especially it is a chameleon that makes a fool of the wise

Jesus wore beards but some churches have doctrines that forbid wearing of beards

Isn’t that ridiculous?

The image of the son we are conforming to is not your own image of how an ideal, “well brought up” child should look

This image is revealed to each of us in our spirits and we become it by doing as instructed by the Holy Spirit.

If the Lord opens your eyes to see the throne of God and the diversity of the beings there, you will come to an understanding of how God does not want 8 billion people on the earth to be zombies dressing the same way and talking the same way

Genesis 11 happened for a reason and the coming of Christ didn’t reverse its effect for the same reason

If men could come to the point where they reason as one again as they did at the Tower of Babelh, they will be easily controlled by masters of thought and this will most likely lead to another rebellion against the tenets of God as they did then

When the west went secular, we didn’t follow them like sheep without a shepherd, even though they brought us the gospel and we bought it, we resisted their other ideological views and started thinking for ourselves on many counts

If a group decides they want to braid, another will do low cut; I  won’t say because my pastor is wearing a tattoo I want to wear one

There are churches where the pastor perms his hair and members don't 

Our walk with the Holy Spirit is one on one

You will therefore do well to mind your walk and keep your nose out of other people’s relationship with the Holy Spirit

That was what Jesus told Peter when he put his mouth in the affairs of John

Jesus said Peter would be bound and arrested and suffer for the gospel

Peter said, “Sir, what about John”

Jesus said, “What is your business in that? Just follow me.”

I say the same to you today