The Rebirth

The Rebirth

I got to my former mechanic’s workshop about a year ago, I met all of them hurdled together, talking excitedly about one man, the man who proclaimed himself the deliverer of the Yoruba nation.

They began to talk of his exploits, how he walks through walls and disappears at will! 

They said he had voodoo and enchantment and would lead the Yorubas to freedom.

I asked them what they mean by “leading the Yorubas to freedom.” And they said “Fulani herdsmen have taken over the nation, killing, maiming and destroying every other tribe in Nigeria.”

This guy they claimed was the champion God had raised to set the Yoruba nation free of them.

Now, I mean no insult but my mechanic is not really that literate and his team with him.

They do not understand the world they live in.

Like golden fishes in an aquarium, their understanding of the world is quite limited.

I asked “Where will he get the soldiers to lead a war against the Fulanis?”

One of them replied me by saying, “I will join him, I will fight with him.”

Some laughed at the outburst, others nodded in affirmation.

I said, “Such a gathering will be seen as a threat to the peace of Nigeria and quashed.” 

(Our conversation was in the Yoruba language)

Their leader turned to me, “Brother Gbenga, that guy had eaten with the Eboras and Irunmales, (meaning demons and evil spirits) he is an untouchable.”

He continued, “Did you notice the respect the Obas were giving him? the way they furnished him with money and property? they know what he is capable of. He has a friend called Olugbon, that one is a complete Juju man, didn’t you hear him say he walks into people’s houses through walls? He even challenged the government to catch him if they could. Have you forgotten the Agbekoya war and the Ife-Modakeke crisis?
We have this power and people like this will bring us out of our misery once and for all.”

I replied again, “Do you remember Gani Adams and the OPC? Would you say that man didn’t have any charms? How come the police were able to arrest him and he had to get lawyers before he was set free after many months? What about the one in the East who made a lot of noise and caused a lot of commotion, where is he now? How come he didn’t use charms to show his superiority to the soldiers who did python dance at the time?”

Our forefathers were deep in charms when the white people came with machine guns.
Technology and superior firepower put all the demons in both Yoruba land and Igbo land to the test and they failed in the 1700s/1800s, they are still failing today.


So, this noisemaker is nothing but the likes of Sheba son of Bichri in the Bible, a man who caused mischief for King David after the defeat of Absalom.

Sheba was from the tribe of King Saul, a tribe that got and misused the right to rule but felt entitled to the throne; while King Saul ruled, the likes of Sheba didn’t raise any dust but as soon as another tribe was ruling, they began to agitate.

David demanded the head of Sheba and it was brought to him.

I told the mechanic that when the government demands the head of this noisemaker, he would find himself all alone surrounded by his empty words. My words turned out to be prophetic.

The agitator was cornered and he ran. He was eventually arrested in a foreign nation and chained like a dog. His lawyer gave an interview where he said he was the one pleading with the security guards to uncuff him while he was in the cell.

Where was his charm? Where were the Irunmales and the Eboras?
Where then was the incantation and the enchantments?
What happened to the demons and the powers of witchcraft?

It seems we overhype these powers that pushes us on towards war in times of peace only to abandon us to our fate when the battle gets tough!

My mechanic saw me today and we had this conversation.
He reminded me of what I predicted would happen and how it happened.

He said he was scared I might be an undercover agent and might have marked him and his boys for their words of a year ago. I told him I am not in any way a spy.

I just know my scriptures and its impact on human history.

During the reign of President Jonathan and Sambo, the Yorubas were crying of marginalization. “We have no voice in the seat of power!” They cried.

When they got the Vice President slot under Buhari, they were still crying of Herdsmen. 

Time proved that crime is local and all the people hiding behind herdsmen especially in southern and eastern Nigeria are local criminals.

Whenever one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria seats on the throne, the others would begin to agitate.

Some would go as far as sponsoring unrest and mischief so that they can use such as campaign tools against the one in government.

Boko Haram started as a political tool; religion only took over when it became too powerful for the politicians that started it to control it.

Can you see how silent the IPOB agitators became at this time?

Their silence was almost deafening. It means they really didn’t want Biafra.

What they wanted was the office of the president of the zoo in order to rule over the baboons.

This cycle will continue next year. The winner of the election will have to act like King David embracing his opponents who desire to work for the peace and growth of Nigeria and squashing those who would resort to violence simply because they want to mark his rule with debts of failure just for reference’s sake.

We will pray and vote

Nigeria will be great again