The River

The River

He woke up that night to pray

He didn’t have a set time he prayed

He had never believed in using a systemic approach to serving the Lord

He prayed as the Lord instructed “ceaselessly”

When he was at work, he prayed in his spirit

It was not unusual for someone listening to him hear him say “Thank you Father, Thank you Jesus, and Thank you Holy spirit several times a day”

He was a Christian

But it wasn’t uncommon for people to refer to him as Pastor or sometimes prophet

He didn’t know why!

People just accord to him the titles reserved for Men of God

He took it in stride

The Lord loves him, the Holy Spirit knows his name

He loves keeping vigil just to worship the Lord and listen to sermons/worship songs of fellow believers who worship the Lord

He loves listening to the scriptures

Sometimes he would share the scriptures on twitter

He had gone through the whole of King James version, New International version, Good News Bible, New Living Translation and the Message

He posted them from Genesis to Revelation on his twitter handle

The word of God was his message

He shared the Word on his social media handle

He remembered when he opened the twitter account in 2011

The very first thing he saw on Twitter was pornography

He couldn’t believe it

He quickly shut down the account

He didn’t want to be stained by the imaginations of misguided folks

But the Holy Spirit told him that same night

“Go back to Twitter”

He was shocked!

How could the Holy Spirit encourage him to go back to a platform where his mind could be easily afflicted or attacked by the content of evil he had seen!

The Holy Spirit said “Twitter is a platform! Everybody comes there to drop a thought! Drop Me on twitter! Let the world see me in your posts!

He quickly logged back in and started posting the scripture verse by verse on twitter!

The Lord wanted to ride him like a donkey into the social media

Who was he to be too sensitive or too modest to carry the Lord of Lords wherever he wanted to go!

Sometimes he posted the scriptures

At other times he posted worship songs and prayers

Some people liked it, others didn’t pay any attention to it

But he was pleasing the Lord and he was glad!

That night as he was awakened to pray by the Holy Spirit he walked carefully to his sitting room

He didn’t want to wake up his wife and children

He also had no intention of waking up the whole neighborhood

He prayed silently

Almost whispering

He did this every night

Blessing the name of the Lord and magnifying the name of the Lord

He prayed and sang in the spirit

He usually did this because it was what Apostle Paul instructed

“Pray in the spirit, pray in understanding, sing in the spirit, and sing in understanding”

He always started praying from the spirit

Inevitably, he would pray in understanding but when he did, he usually ends up praying for many other things (Sometimes strange people and nations) apart from the things he intended to pray for

He later understood this to be the desire of the Holy Spirit

When you pray in the spirit as a believer, the Holy Spirit gives you utterance! He fills your mouth!

He makes you pray for people, things and nations you had no intention of praying for

You are happy doing so

You are elated bringing to bear the desire of the Holy Spirit amongst the sons of men!

That night as he prayed

The unusual happened

The walls of his sitting room flew away

The ambience, the aura everything faded away

He saw himself in a light so bright he fell on his face

And then he heard the music

He didn’t see the instrumentalists or the musicians but the music was ethereal!

He felt his legs were wet

He was floating in a body of water

He opened his eyes

He was right in the middle of a river, Facedown!

He was lifted to his feet quickly

He knew instinctively where he was

A certain tree lined up both sides of the river for as long as the eyes can see and beyond

The trees were heavenly

He couldn’t quite describe them in terms of form and shape

Though they were trees, they worshipped the King of Kings and moved in sync with the music of the river

He drew some water from the river with his hands

The music intensified

It was the happiest day of his life

He saw a fountain, right in the middle of the river

He walked up to it


The fountains were moving too, worshipping the King of Kings, blessing the name of the Lord

He touched the waters of the fountain

Sweet melodies burst forth

Music so good his heart was dancing within him

Sometimes he heard the lyrics

Sometimes he heard only the instrumentals

He heard a voice!

“When I ask you to gather my children for a meeting, you will feel the wind

Sometimes you will see this river

Sometimes you will hear the sound of many waters

Sometimes you will stand in a congregation and the land will be turned into a river

Sometimes you will hear my voice in your spirit

Sometimes a scripture will come alive in your spirit

Sometimes you will feel my touch at the back of your neck, on your shoulder or on your head

Sometimes you will feel nothing

Sometimes you will feel thirsty

Sometimes you will feel oil running down your forehead

Sometimes you will feel electricity coursing through your body

Sometimes your hand will feel very hot or warm

Sometimes you will desire to pray in understanding and the words wouldn’t come

Sometimes you will open your mouth to pray in the spirit and the words will come out in understanding

You will find it very easy to love what I love and run from the things I am not a part of

Your utterances shall reflect my nature

Your temper will crash

You shall ooze compassion and be a blessing to my people

Even though your language will be different, my people will not struggle to understand you

You will be led in a unique way into the heart of men

Lead my children to me, not to yourself

Nobody will see you coming

You will just “be” by my spirit!

I have entrusted you with the liberty of the gospel

Set my eagles free to fly!”

He saw a waterfall, he walked on the water towards it

The water was like a mirror

He looked at the waterfall

He saw a glorious reflection of Himself


Then the eagles came

White, golden, strong and powerful eagles

They flew in sync with the music of the river

He looked up to the sky and saw them celebrating the King of Kings

Everything there was were connected

He was also connected with them

The music took over

Clashing cymbals, sonorous voices and trumpets sounding in harmonious splendor

He knew it was time to go

The vision was clearing

He wanted to stay in that peace forever

Yet he wanted to return with the fire in his heart and do as instructed

The walls of his sitting room came back

He was back!

He fell on his knees, took his phone and quickly recorded some of the things he saw

He couldn’t recollect everything

He recorded some of the songs too

What a glorious experience it was, he vibrated all over!

The Holy Spirit said “This is the reality every believer must walk in, heaven and earth is open to all my children. I desire a deeper walk with all my children!

I desire that they know me and that they allow me to teach them directly!

I desire to fill their hearts and be one with them

They are my light, it is time for all of them to shine

The season of darkness would have long been over if only they shone as they ought to

Their light will put evil to flight and illuminate the world of men!”


The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt (2016, June 14)