The Secret to Walking in Miracles II

The Secret to Walking in Miracles II

Faith that works through love is key to healing the sick and raising the dead.
It is key to receiving your healing, too, as a man or woman dealing with many health challenges. I have seen cancer dry up in 24 hours several times, but it was never by adherence to the law or standing on self-righteousness. It was always by faith that works through love.

A pastor was once diagnosed with cancer of the jaw in the UK.
He went for a dentist’s appointment, and from there, it was discovered he had cancer. He was told he couldn’t survive it at the time because the cancer had spread all over his body. He got on a flight to Nigeria so that he could die among his folks. He was a twin, and his twin brother was not even a believer. He was a believer and had followed the law all his life. He kept saying, “I don’t know what I did wrong; this should not have happened.

I pay my tithe, I give my offering, I am kind to everyone, the testimony of my faith among the believers is strong.” 
They told him bad things happen to good people. He said, “So my goodness is for nothing, how come, my brother, who has spent all his life mocking God and the Christian faith, is hale and hearty, and I am here stricken down with an affliction that had changed my life forever? 

His mother introduced him to me. I explained to him that he was sick because he believed in self-righteousness and not in the power of the love of God. Those who believe in self-righteousness open the door to affliction based on their belief system. Morality does not prevent anyone from sickness or death. The gift of eternal life is attained by believing in Jesus, accepting the Holy Spirit into your life and walking with Him in understanding. That is the only way! 

When I saw him, his jaw was as big as the head of an axe. We prayed, and I told him what the love of Jesus could do for the undeserving, like Zaccheus and the woman who was bent over for 18 years. The Abrahamic covenant covered them, and yet they were sick. The same is true with some believers who believe in Jesus, and yet they are bound because they were told performance is the way to please God. We only please men by performance; Jesus has finished the work of Grace on the cross for those of us who truly believe. Some will claim they challenged God based on their tithe; this makes me laugh.

God gave you 100%, and you gave him 10%, and in return for the 10%, you are challenging God. Imagine that! Why didn’t he keep his 100% so you don’t have to challenge him? Imagine me paying 100% of school fees and my children giving me 10% results and yet having the audacity to challenge me based on their results to take them abroad for the summer holidays!

We should be thinking Christians, please! After speaking with this young man and praying with him, I told him to read the scriptures out loud alone in his room and tell the Lord that he loves him repeatedly before sleeping. That night, while still sleeping, he used his finger to pluck a pimple from the mass on his jaw. Stinking pus poured out all night, and by morning, the growth on his jaw had disappeared.

The pain was gone, too. He had been completely healed. His twin brother, who never believed in God, gave his life to Jesus the following day when he heard the news; today, he is a pastor. Grace does not only save the one who benefitted directly from it; it extends its long arms to our loved ones who we thought were beyond saving too. If a Christian will ever do greater works than Jesus, he or she must have a heart full of greater love and compassion than Jesus, judging no man or woman for their choices, making them see that all had sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and were yet given the gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus.

When we shake off this, “He or she didn’t deserve to be made whole based on his or her action syndrome”, we see the miracles we had hoped for happening effortlessly 



April 2nd 2024