Worship The Master

Worship The Master

The bright and yellow sun standing 
tall in the sky in the noon of Summer
Dispersion of its glorious rays across 
the atmosphere causing excitement of 
the seen and unseen
The green plants swirl and yield in 
total surrender to its rays, for it 
must create its own fuel
East to West, and through the back 
channel of our blind spots, it moves 
speedily to the East again
And we behold as it journeys to the 
West even as the Earth revolves 
around it
What a glamorous star, doing its 
job in 
the worship of the Master!

Oh yes I hear the rustling of the 
leaves in my evening walk
The wind blows gently on the tree 
branches and they dangle back and 
forth in unison
You can hear them clapping loudly 
to the percussion of the wind
It's an orchestra in the moonlight 
for Him
Rhythm so in tune and in consonance 
to the heartbeat of sleeping little 
Oh earth! Oh trees! Oh birds!
Worship in the beauty of His holiness 
For there's none like the Master of 
the universe

The beautifully created humans
In all shades of colour for his 
I see their hands lifted high 
with hearts bow down 
As their imaginations probe the 
environment of Adonai
The beauty of the ululation of a 
thousand voices rising so high like 
an edifice 
Sparkles of thunder from the colliding 
Flames of fire from the banging feet
Oh yes, a sweet-smelling savour to Him 
Abba Father, we worship. 

They swing and twirl in a repetitive 
With golden lights emanating from 
their core
A creature of beauty to behold
For He called them forth from the stars
In their thousands upon thousands upon 
thousands thousands, they came to be
In his presence they behold his glory 
Even as they sing aloud daily in the 
worship of him
Oh Malakhs! Oh Cherubims! Oh Seraphims
All Angels of various ranks and glory
Worship him, for you were created for 

Worship in all forms and glory
Praise so innate but snuffed out by 
the natural man
I see all of his creatures in their 
colorful beauty 
Whatever form it is, they worship the 
creator joyfully 
For everything has life no matter how 
imperceptible it is to humans 
For it's our daily routine to give 
him glory
In everything, giving of thanks is 
Yes we will do
Thank you Yahweh.

PS: worship is beautiful for it 
changes you. The lack of worship of the 
Father changes nothing about him, it only 
affects you. Yet, it is lost to those 
Come and experience worship as your 
heart changes for real.
Tell Jesus to come into your life, and 
receive his life in you.
Welcome! Welcome!! Welcome!!!