You're in Charge

You're in Charge

There are many people who think that one day God is going to do something about their case. It’s wonderful to think like that because it helps them to escape responsibility. Now you can relax on your recliner and put all responsibility on God. The Bible doesn’t say GSW shall say unto this mountain. Put your name there. Your life is in your hand. You can’t blame anybody now. No matter how deep the valley is, you can come out. 

Some say Sometimes God takes us into trouble. Those things are not true. The Bible doesn’t say; when I take you through the fire you shall not be burnt. He said, “When you go through the fire.”

Some say, “God put me in that trouble to show the devil who He is.”

The devil already knows who God is. Don’t you understand? Why is God using us as lab rats? 

All the time. The Lord brought me here for a purpose! Yeah! You got fired from your job – for a purpose! You failed your exams – for a purpose! Your wife left you – for a purpose! Your child died – for a purpose!

Oh my God…What a purpose! So, God’s just playing games. He puts you here and gets the devil to run after you and traps the devil again. 

Who do you think He really is? 

We explain many things and that’s the reason many don’t have miracles because they have every answer for every purpose. It’s for a purpose you lost your job. 5 years later, God is still working for that purpose. 

It’s like I’m praying for that child this year and the child doesn’t show up – that’s for a purpose! So, God is planning twins for the 2 years. I claim twins in Jesus’ name. One child for each year. And that year goes by and Lord triplets in Jesus’ name. So now they are believing for 5 because it’s 5 years now. 

I’m not so sure that every time that husband prays that the wife is saying Amen. 5 at once!! I’m sure she stopped praying with you after 2. She stopped saying Amen. You know what people are trying to do? They are trying to blame God for it. They are claiming from God what God didn’t give them last year. 

It’s all wrong. If it didn’t work the way you knew, why don’t you try and find out the way it works. You are too proud to say I was wrong. There are too many people talking about faith who don’t even know what faith is. The word of God can be proved. 

Prove all things. Hold fast that which is good. You have to prove it. I dare tell people if I can’t prove it, you have the right to not believe. I was sent with credentials. I can’t say God sent me and can’t prove it. Anybody can say that!! I believe that the devil is a real person and God is a real God. When Bible talks about angels, they are real and when the Bible talks about miracles they can be proven. I believe that. We can’t be talking and talking. 

When you say God heals the sick – ok there are many sick people, so, prove it. Sometimes some people don’t like it but you know it in your soul, you know it. 

Inside you, you know it. Truth is actually you liking what I’m saying if only you could prove it. 

Why can’t you prove it? Because you are busy playing busy shouting and busy singing songs you shouldn’t be singing and watching films you shouldn’t watch and you have no time to talk to the Holy Spirit and let him teach you. 

You are busy reading everything but the Bible and reading your mind into the Bible and trying to make the Bible say what you want to say. So, all you can come up with is excuses. 

Some Christians get sick and they hide it. I’m not sick I’m tired. Where is brother XYZ? He is very tired! Why can’t he just come up straight? If I did get sick, I would say I’m sick. But I’m not going to get sick – I’ve not been sick for many years and I will not be sick. 

Sure! Did you know you really could change things?

You say I believed and I tried. 

Stop for a moment. Is it possible that there is something you missed something that was so important? 

Why don’t you stop and think again and study again through the Bible? We learn the word of God in different phases spiritually. 

We learn it in our babyhood stage, then adolescent stage and our fatherhood stage. None of these is limited to how long you’ve been in there. It’s how long you’ve been in the word. It’s not how long you’ve been born again. How long have you been in the word studying and putting it into work and growing thereby and in the process of time through the Holy Spirit you will learn a lot of things. 

No man can really teach you but by the Holy Ghost. 

Dealing with issues of life we have to understand what Jesus said is real.

(22) And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have the faith of God. (23) For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. (24) Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.