I want nothing more than seeing him
Beholding his glory as the rays of his 
light dazzle brilliantly 
Seated at the edge of the ocean as I 
take in the flow
With him beside me opening up my 
understanding to certain realities 
There's nothing more that I want

I want nothing more than beholding the 
master of the universe 
As He beautifully sits amidst the Cherubims
Directing the affairs of beings, angels 
and men
To ride with him in the realm of his glory 
as we gallop on the chariots of horses made 
of fire
So aglow radiating all over the sky in 

There's nothing better, nothing more glorious, 
nothing more beautiful 
To be looked upon with those eyes of fire
To be touched with the hand --in its fleshy 
form -- was once nailed to the cross
To be hugged as his fragrance abides with 
me forever

Our hearts are thirsty, so parched, needing 
the hydration of his manifested presence
Oh Yeshua
Nothing else matters in the universe
But to know you deeply, fully without restrictions 
For your love is shed abroad in our hearts 
Come, Lord Jesus, come