Being Christ

Being Christ

We were told or so we thought 
that we got saved so as to make 
it to heaven little did we know 
that after salvation heaven wasn't 
a goal anymore but a reality.

For he raised us up and seated
 us together with him in the 
heavenly places in Christ Jesus. 

When I begun the journey of 
awakening every belief system I 
held was shaken to the core...
I had (in all humility) to allow the
 Holy Spirit to take me on this 
journey and I invite you to ride with me. 

The bible says "as Christ is so are 
we in this world." Selah

It doesn't say as he is so we will 
be in heaven! That should therefore 
tell you that it is NOT a futuristic 
statement but a present reality of 
every Christed man (man in Christ).

Haven't you read that when he 
appears we shall be like him? 
That when he appears we shall 
appear together with him in glory? 

Wait, they said we get saved and 
live right so that we do not miss 
the rapture...pause and reflect here. 

Do you think Jesus will appear at 
the sky and pull you up or out of 
this world? All power that raised 
Jesus from the dead, the force 
that brought forth the creation
 into the existence, the power/Spirt 
that quickens your mortal body is 
already resident in you son of God! 
That power is called the Holy Spirit
It is that power that hoisted Christ
aloft during the ascension
That power of levitation is already 
inside of you! There's no more force 
that will come from outside that you 
do not have already. 

So what is the goal? 
To awaken experientially into every 
reality that is yours in Christ! 
We cannot continue living like 
mere men! 
The creation in great anticipation 
awaits not the return of Christ but 
the manifestation of the sons of God 
to deliver it from corruption it was 
subjected to. 

"The entire universe is standing on 
tiptoe, yearning to see the unveiling 
of God’s glorious sons and daughters! 
For against its will the universe itself 
has had to endure the empty futility 
resulting from the consequences of 
human sin. 
But now, with eager expectation, all 
creation longs for freedom from its 
slavery to decay and to experience 
with us the wonderful freedom coming 
to God’s children. 
To this day we are aware of the universal 
agony and groaning of creation, as if it 
were in the contractions of labor for 
And it’s not just creation. 
We who have already experienced the 
firstfruits of the Spirit also inwardly 
groan as we passionately long to 
experience our full status as God’s 
sons and daughters—including our 
physical bodies being transformed."
Romans 8:19-23 TPT

So again I ask, what is the goal for your 
existence son of God? 
To die like a mortal man? 
Do you think the saying that Christ 
conquered sin, death and corruption is 
a feel-good theology or a reality you 
have partaken? 
What does it mean that we have partaken 
of the divine nature of God? 
That the fullness of Godhead richly 
dwells in us as the sons of God points 
to our abilities in Christ. 
As we behold as in a glass with unveiled 
faces we are transformed into the same 
image from Glory to Glory...for Christ is 
the image that we are beholding hence 
becoming experientially. 

So this is the conclusion of the matter 
saint, our goal is to reach the full stature 
of Christ experientially. 
This is because we already are as He is 
What they call spiritual growth is a 
journey into awakening. 
A journey into consciousness so as to 
embody every reality that is already 
ours in Christ. 

Haven't you read that He has given us 
all things pertaining to life and godliness 
through the knowledge of Him? 
That He has blessed us with every 
spiritual blessing in Christ?
That we are complete in him lacking 

So if all these things are in us what next? 
To walk in them! 
In order to redeem the creation we have 
to walk in these realities saints! 
"Until we come to the full stature of 
Christ"....this is the goal brethren.

Death is no longer in view for a son 
of God for the resurrection life is in 
us more abundantly. 
For our nature is that of God. 
We were begotten of the incorruptible
seed of God! 
We have his DNA. 
We are immortal beings! 
We did not come from dust so that 
we can return to dust. 
No way! We are begotten of God. 
We are born of God!
As He is from Above, so are we
The spirit in us Descended from
above on the day of Pentecost
That Spirit is the Life of God that
dwells in us
That Spirit is the Spirit of God that
Arise son of God and shine for your 
light has come and the glory of the 
Lord has risen upon you! ...
Meditate on all these realities that 
are yours in Christ. 
Do not be too quick to fight what 
you do not understand but instead 
allow the Spirit of truth, the one that 
teaches you all things, the one that 
leads you into all truth, the one that 
searches the deep things of God...
allow him to navigate with you....
allow him to teach you and bring you 
into everything you are made to 
walk in!

Naturally we are bilocated.
 I am a son of God that is in heaven. 
And yes I am here that I may bring 
Christ civilization here on earth. 
I do as I see my father do. 
I speak as I hear him speak. 
I move as I see him move. 
Me and him aren't just aligned but we 
are in an inseparable, an indivisible 
union that when you see me you 
see my Father. Hallelujah 
Until we all come into the full stature 
of Christ! 
That's the journey into becoming....
He is able to do exceedingly abundantly 
above all that we imagine, desire or 
even ask according to the power 
It is Him that is at work in us both to 
will and to act of his good pleasure.

Like Paul's counsel to beloved Timothy, 
I challenge us all that we may give 
ourselves to meditating upon these 
things and give ourselves wholly to 
them that our progress may be 
manifest to all.