Some months ago, I attended a church service.

The pastor of the church had invited a minister from abroad to his church and I had arrived at the service just before this great prophet would mount the pulpit to preach. I was wearing my jeans and T-shirt. I sat in front.

This preacher got on the altar and began to sweat all over. He was preaching in English but he had no weight in the spirit, He didn't even know the scriptures at the most basic level but being in his 50s or 60s he had a lot of life experiences to share as part of his sermon.

Suddenly he said, "When I was to travel out of Nigeria, I applied for visa and it was rejected; so, I applied again and this time, I went to a prayer mountain to pray. When I got to the mountain, I looked for a very old woman (who is too old to commit sexual sin again) to pray for me. I knelt down and the woman prayed; the next day I got my visa.  I knew at that point that this man was not filled with the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit does not subject the quickening spirit of Christ to the blessings of the living soul. Adam couldn't bless Jesus; John the Baptist couldn't lay hand on Jesus to pray for him.

 A carnal man cannot be the reason a spiritual man is blessed. Jacob stole Esau's blessings but he didn't prosper at all; Esau, the one whose blessings were stolen was far richer and more prosperous than Jacob until Jacob met that angel and said "I won't let you go, unless you bless me.

Everything he had were: 72 people, some sheep, cow, camel and oxen; meanwhile, Esau already built a city called Edom and had 400 dukes!

The spiritual is always greater than the carnal.

I was told of a preacher who claimed he went to a village where people live Iong and asked an old woman from that village to pray for him so that he could live long. This is an error.

Anyway, this prophet gave examples that had no standing with the Word and spoke on and on. As he was rounding off the service, he came down from the altar and began to touch people. He touched me too and said, "see me after service."

When the service was over, I went to the pastor’s office and opened the door and I saw one of my sisters- a student I had trained in PSSBC, on her knees, weeping. The prophet was seated, looking at her. As soon as I walked in, the lady stepped out of the office.

The prophet told me to sit down He said, "I have some words for you from the Holy Spirit; you're struggling with poverty at the moment and I have been told to tell you to keep doing the menial jobs you're doing and watch out for an opportunity to help people. If you see people pushing a car, join them. If you see people off loading a truck, join them, that's how your blessing will come.”

Hmmmm! I had built 13 churches all over by this time including 2 in foreign countries, so you can guess how "poor" I was...

Then he said, “You had an operation and you're afraid the illness will return, fear not. It will not.” (I have never had an operation in my life) Then he said, "Your family has scattered. You and your siblings are not in good terms; pray and there will be restoration. Again, this was never the case.

I stood up and left the office. I saw a lot of church members on the line trying to see this "prophet"- the man without weight or substance. When I got out, I sent for the lady that I met in the office earlier; the one that had been weeping on her knees. I asked, “What did he tell you?" She said, "Ah brother Gbenga, I am finished. He said I can only pick between my career and getting married because I can never have both. I started laughing I said, "But I taught you guys about prophecies and the efficacy of the word of God. Why did you believe this man?

Then I told her what the man told me and she began to laugh. She said "Ah, if he told you that, then he is a blind man." I reminded her she is her own prophet and should not allow a carnal prophet to sow seeds of doubt in her spiritual space. We joined hands and prayed; three months later, she got engaged. This month, she will be travelling to the USA on a fully funded trip for her PhD and her husband is going with her to lecture (sabbatical).

When she told me the news, she kept screaming, "Brother Gbenga, ah, you're right! I was desperate at that time for something to take me away from that place of stagnancy. I had applied to study abroad so many times and I kept getting denied and the marriage thing too was not happening, that was why I went to see him but when you spoke to me afterwards, I realized I had been childish. All things are mine in Christ! I set the Lord before me and focused on my NGO work for young ladies, apart from my lecturing. Soon after I got invited to Kenya for an event and I met some diplomats from the US who were so impressed by what I was doing that they recommended me for a one-month trip to the USA. When I got back to Nigeria, the news was all over campus and suddenly this man who I had admired and respected from afar invited me for dinner and declared his intention to marry me. He said he has always loved me but felt a relationship would distract me, etcetera. He made up his mind after he saw that I had broken through by myself so that people won't say I climbed on his shoulder to get to my victory. I understood his sentiment and accepted his proposal.  Sir, I have learnt my lesson."

A Believer must know the word of God for himself or herself or he or she will be misled.

Paul knew the word before Agabus prophesied to him concerning his trip to Jerusalem. The prophecy confirmed what Paul knew. Even the church knew about it in advance.

It is not everybody that says "Jesus, Jesus" that belongs to the Lord. Please pay attention to ministers who claim they received blessings from the flesh in order to make it in life.

The rivers of living water flow out of our bellies, not into our bellies! The blessed one lives in you; this is why you cannot be cursed.

Nobody can curse the Holy Spirit and if he dwells in you, nobody can curse you. At the same time carnal blessings are of no use to you.

I have heard believers claim, "My father didn't bless me before he died, this is why I am suffering." One even asked me to find him an old man that would bless him because his father cursed him before he died.

Such beliefs betray our lack of depth in the things of the Spirit. He that is from Above is above all. My earthly father's blessing is nothing but weightless words unless he is born again and full of the Holy Spirit. I am a son born not of the flesh or the will of man but of the Spirit!

The flesh can never bless the spirit, neither can the flesh curse the spirit; this was why Balak went to call Ballam (the "spiritual" one to curse Israel).  Ballam failed. Nobody can lay a charge against the elect; nobody can bless or curse the Believer. We were born blessed. Alleluia!!!!!!


PS: This is the month of the Cloud of Glory. GSWMI Pneuma City will be commissioned in a month's time.  We will hold our first supernatural service and three days retreat from the 30th of September to the 2nd of October, 2022.

We are moving with the cloud. We have moved with the cloud.