Herd Mentality

Herd Mentality

I am writing this boldly.

If you are still hurting from the trauma of #EndSars and for that reason, you are supporting a candidate, please separate the issues. You will be doing your candidate a disservice if you're just using him as a smokescreen to mask your evil agenda to kill, steal and destroy.

If you really want him to have a good showing in the election, you must give him a chance to follow the political process through; If, however, your plan is to hide behind him and use his victory or defeat as an excuse to burn the nation down, you shall not prosper.

Like the man that stood by the King of Syria and said to Elisha, "Look even if the Lord should open the floodgates of heavens, could this happen?" I say to you, "You can plan all you want but you will not live to see such plans come to fruition." If your plan is to burn down any part of Nigeria, know this, you will burn alone!

Nigeria is not yours to burn, it is a nation dedicated to God for His praise and glory in all the earth. There is nothing wrong with protesting, as long as you do so within the ambit of the law and respect for others.

There is nothing wrong with supporting a candidate of your choice as long as you do so in the spirit of fair play. Many average Nigerians suffered and some died as a result of the #En1dSars protest. On the one side, the government is being blamed, on the other side the protesters are being blamed.

Some blamed those that hijacked the protest, some blamed politicians and saboteurs; and yet the dead, remained dead. Those whose properties were burnt down are yet to recover. Many lost their jobs. Many were so traumatised that they are still getting treatment, and I woke up to a tweet being retweeted by many saying they should burn some parts of Lagos down. WHY?

What sort of political rhetoric is that? It always starts with the small things like calling people baboons and a nation a zoo and then it graduates to killing and pillaging. Enough Please!

The last time some of us were carried away by the lies and couldn't react on time when the thing degenerated into lawlessness. This time it will not be so. I am praying and it will be very wise not to be the one in the way. Do your politics fairly. Campaign and win over the people. Get your PVC and vote, make sure your vote counts; if you're not satisfied by the result, go to court.

Trust the process. When the winner is declared, hug and reconcile as a nation. Build Nigeria together.  We don't need to burn when we can build as brothers. Please, let's build.

I would close on today's topic by saying this; despite not believing in the protest, nobody can boast of spending the kind of money I spent to help many who were hungry and suffering during the protest because they couldn't work. I have always placed life above ideology.