Close Shave

Close Shave

What options did he leave her?

She was sure he was cheating or about to cheat.

She could see and sense the signs

She warned him.

“You are my husband, all these girls flocking around you are of no good. Being a pastor does not insulate you from the power of a woman. I am a woman and I can tell you, it is only a thief that can catch a thief!”

He laughed it off!

He had no intention of dishonoring his vows

How could he do that?

He loved his wife more than life and he wouldn’t dare treat her in such a disrespectable manner. But his Wife was very prone to jealousy, and sometimes she speaks more out of her extreme feelings, than through the Holy Spirit.

Yet, he had no choice in the matter.

The ladies kept coming.

He was anointed and the anointing attracts the troubled.

The ladies came to him from everywhere.

They needed help, counselling, deliverance, healing, hope.

He always treated them with dignity and the respect Jesus would have treated them with.

But she wasn’t satisfied.
And she was right.

One day, a lady came to his office. She was beautiful, rich and classy.

He was nobody, a poor preacher.

She came to him pretending to need prayers for spiritual breakthrough.

He didn’t pray with her.
He counselled her on how to put her life together and wait on the Lord to come through for her.

She paid attention, gave him no room for any suspicion.

From the onset, His wife was uncomfortable with this woman. She said the woman was pretending

He couldn’t believe it.
How would somebody feign having a problem just to get his attention?

But then, He was not rich, classy or as exposed as the people at her level.

One night, around 1am the lady called

“I am tired of life she said, I want to end it all”
She was weeping.

He believed her, got alarmed.

The sheep of the Lord was being scattered by the devil. He was the representative of the Lord in that territory. Christians soldiers must always keep marching on.

He rushed out of his house, drove straight to her estate.

He mission,  rescue the perishing, care for the dying. Jesus is merciful, and Jesus will save!

Just as he drove into her estate, he saw her standing by the road dressed like a sex worker.

He called her mobile

He: Hi, where are you?

She: (Sobbing) I am at home, are you still coming?

He said yes and drove straight to her house
Her parents were at home.

They had been searching for her. They even assumed she had gone to his house.

Her father said they went upstairs to sleep and only came down when they heard the sound of the gate. She was long gone! They had called his number several times.
They knew she always confided in him.

So what do they do now?
He told her parents to keep quiet. He called her.

He: I am at your house, the gate is open and everywhere is quiet, should I come in?

She: I have already walked down the street, wait for me there and I will meet you shortly.

They waited.

Within 10 minutes she arrived.

She melted when she saw her parents.

She walked right into the house without talking to anybody.

He realized at that moment he had just escaped a “set up”

He told her father

“Sir, I think you need to deal with more qualified pastors, her case is beyond me”

Her mother laughed
Her mother: : Nothing is wrong with her, she is just trying to lure you into sleeping with her, to prove to us that every Pastor is a liar and none is true to their calling.

Her husband tried to caution her but the words had spilled out in a jiffy!


He didn’t know that weeks after she came back to Nigeria, she had spoken with her parents about their religious fanaticism and promised them that one of their most respected pastors will fall hopelessly in love with her. And she worked hard to prove her point.

He didn’t understand why her mother could open up so bluntly about her daughter.

He stopped seeing her from then and took his wife’s caution more seriously.


Some people are only out to drag you down to prove a cheap point

Ask Judge Kavanauh what he went through with the ongoing smear campaign machinery.

Imagine if he had given in to a moment of weakness sometime in his career! It would have counted heavily against him when the democrats were looking for anything just to besmirch his character, and prove he didn’t have the integrity or character to be a servant of God!

He would have been finished!

Not every teary eyed sister looking at you with truth as a motive is genuine

Young pastors, please beware, it is true that flesh and blood are the key factor, but reputation and integrity must not be sold for any reason.

He learnt through his close shave.

Would you?