Storm In A Teacup

Storm In A Teacup

Love was never really about the convenient times

Had it been, no child would have left the comfort of a parent’s dependable abode to start off with almost nothing but hope

Love had always been about the now and the then

She loved him

That much he knows

But was love ever enough?

He went into business right after his NYSC

He sold imported agricultural produce

Rice especially

Business was good and he was able to rent a flat and buy a car within two years

He also had some savings for rainy day

He went to the mall one day to do some shopping

Just as he was parking, another car pulled into the parking lot beside him

He alighted from the car and saw her

A beauty without any airs

He walked up to her


She smiled and the sun gave way

He: This is my first time at the mall and I would have spent my life savings on the opportunity to sit with you for an hour and just feast on your beauty

She laughed

He meant it

She was the most beautiful lady he had ever seen

She didn’t respond, but her body language was very open

She locked her car and they walked side by side into the mall

“My name is so and so” he said

She shrugged

A guy walked up to them, her face lit up, they hug

She: Bro, this is so and so, my boyfriend, then she turned to him and said meet my elder brother “Mr. Such and such”

A million butterflies tumbled in his tummy! Did she just call him her boyfriend?

That was how the relationship started.

He became boyfriend within five minutes!

She worked as a customer service officer at a finance company

She earned a steady salary

His business was doing well

They go out almost every evening from day one and spend the weekends either in his flat or her house

Her parents love him and accepted him as soon as she introduced him

They were making projections to marry within a year

Things were going very smoothly

Then a policy banning the importation of rice was implemented

He had committed a lot of money into rice importation and his money got stuck

Within two months he was as broke as a church rat

His greatest fear was that he would lose her

She was very focused and goal oriented, he had always admired that about her!

But the same principle applied here

He was drifting and unproductive and she would most likely cut her losses by dumping him

He did everything he could to change his situation

He applied for jobs, talked with custom officers and clearing agents about getting his goods out

Nothing worked

For three months, he was tossed here and there by the vicissitude of life

She showed up in his house one Saturday with foodstuff, and a lot of provisions

She made so much food that he wondered if she intended to host a party

Once she was done she packed the delicacies into the freezer

Then she came to sit beside him and gave him the news

She had been granted visa to a foreign country and would be leaving soon

He bust into tears

He had always known it was too good to be true

She didn’t understand why he was so unhappy that she was travelling

He cried like a minute old infant

She couldn’t deal

He was so pathetic

She left

He ran to a friend

What do I do?

She is leaving me

She is dumping me

She is leaving me for a country, not even a person!

She was the love of his life

A day without her would be like being a houseboy to the devil

She was his joy, his reality!

His friend called her, “Your man is running mad here, please come and help him make sense of this”

She came around

She explained that she got a visitor’s visa and would only be spending six weeks on her journey

It was a relief!

He embraced her in tears

“I just didn’t know what I’d do without you”

Two weeks later she travelled

A week after she travelled, he got a job

By the time she returned his situation had turned around

They married as projected

The storm in a teacup left little or no effect


The End