Living Free

Living Free

Many Believers pander to their humanity more than their divinity, they don't know that by doing so, they open the door to the evil that happens to mere men in their own lives. When they begin to feel the negative effect of their human mindset, they will now be running helter-skelter, seeking for help.

The Zoe life cannot be lived by a sinner. For this reason, God takes away your sin and then gives you eternal life. All your sins are forgiven and they are remembered no more.

The same does not apply in the realm of men. A man commits felony and is thrown into jail. He serves his time, pays his due to society, yet for the rest of his life he bears the stigma of being an ex-convict.

Meanwhile, when God forgives us, we do not become ex-sinners.
He makes us the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, gives us a new beginning and our sins He remembers no more. In all things, God is infinitely faithful than men.

The born-again Christian who ought to copy this nature of God and forgive in such a manner while also forgetting wrong deeds done to him just as God has done doesn’t do so. We hold on to grudges and judge a man of today for his deeds of yesterday.

Wives do this to their husbands even though both of them are believers but she has a book of faults in her mind where she stored all the evil her husband has ever done. Every wrong is perpetually recorded while every right or good deed is taken for granted or forgotten.

We are in no way like Jesus and we should be. He gave us everything we need to be like him but we lack the will to follow through.

We just want to be men. Mere men.

I wonder why...

Husbands do this to their wives too, noting every wrong step and making references and citing citations at every given opportunity.

Jesus said "Father forgive them" and he never referred to their sin anymore.
We go and tell our children and grand-children every evil thing we can remember about a tribe, family member, neighbour or friend who wronged us so that they can keep the grudge going.

I mean, tongue talking Christians, full of the power and the fire of the Holy Spirit, subjecting the power of God to the tantrums and emotions of men.

We have a lot to learn about living the God life.

It is not just in praying and ministrations. It is in being as we ought 

to be in our nature as carriers of the person of God.

God Indeed dwells in me. I know this for a fact.

There was a day a colleague at work showed me a video for just a brief second.  I saw the content of that video: a full-grown man molesting a baby girl on tape.

The piercing cry of that girl hit me like a blow. My head began to pound.

I said, "Lord, I am sorry. I am sorry."

The Lord said, "Why did you show me an abomination?"

I was shocked.

Later, I would hear Reinhard Bonnke preach the same thing, how God said to him, "I dwell in you and I see the world through your eyes, just as I do through the eyes of all my children."

I choose to be like Jesus.

It does not mean if you offend me and I know you lack the capacity to do better, I must saddle myself with you to prove a point, but I will forgive and I will never refer to that slight anymore.


I did worse before grace found me. It is only right that I extend the same grace I received so freely to others.

This is how we are expected to live as believers; keeping no record of faults, loving without any restraint and serving the Lord with all our heart.

I love you