Paying the Price of Faith

Paying the Price of Faith

Sometimes I mumble words as I teach my class

Sometimes I slur my words

Sometimes I sleep off outrightly

The weight of the work is massive

For three days every week, I barely sleep

When I sleep, it is only for a few hours

I pray, I meditate, and navigate realms

I wish there was an easier way

I heard of ministers who do hours of prayer walk every day when I was still a Nepios and I felt they were just exaggerating these things

I didn’t know that the bigger the workload, the more hours you have to spend to keep it from crashing

A minister of the gospel must be a man or woman of prayer

There are many who just pray for the sake of praying

You can barely see the result of their labours in Christ because their prayers are not backed by any action of faith

They pray for hours and then go begging for bread

They lack knowledge and as such do not produce fruits because they didn’t mix their prayers with faith.

Faith is the action that produces the manifestation of whatever we ask for in the place of prayer

You can pray all you want, if you don’t have faith, it is all noise.

When I learned this some years ago, I asked God for a project that only faith can execute

Miracles, signs and wonders are the norm for us

The test of faith is greater works

The Lord said to me, “Build me a city”

I said, “Yes sir”

I knew it would be costly in many ways but the gains are worth it

I went into the project with my head first

My eyes were firmly shut

I was expecting to hear a din and a crash

Faith held me from crashing last year

We built in record time

It was awesome!

This year we continued…

We didn’t pick a small building

We picked a huge project

We started building in February

Resources were pouring out daily

I wonder till tomorrow where the resources were coming from but we never lacked resources to pay and we never owed anyone a penny

I prayed more, slept less

I prayed more, slept little

I prayed more and disregarded a lot of things happening all around me that ought to take my time and energy

I disregarded the distractions

I waded through the stormy waters

I cried when I ought to and yet I prayed

I prayed one morning until it felt as if I had stepped into a deep freezer

My knees buckled and my bones felt the chills all over

I wore all the winter jackets I could and as many jeans as I could

The cold was pouring forth from my core

It was neither sickness nor psychological

It lasted for two hours

Then everything became normal again

The weight I took into that realm dissolved

I was also being taught many things by the Lord at that same period

I took well to learning

Some of the lessons were tough

I lost some good friends over nothing

I gained some good insight into human behaviour and nature

I grew and yes, I made mistakes but I learned fromh them

Then a family friend called me and said, “Bro, what is the secret of the wonders I see you doing?”

I said, “The Holy Spirit”

He said “Hmmmm, that is not what I heard”

I said l, “What did you hear?”

He said, “Someone said your mother took you somewhere to do something for you, while you were still struggling and that was what led to this”

I said, “How many years have you known me sir?”

The friend said l, “Since 2008”

I said, “Where had my mother been since then?”

He said, “America”

I said, “When did she come to Nigeria?”

He said, “Last year”

I said l, “And you still brought this kind of story to me as something you heard?”

He said, “Ha, I just felt like making you know some of the things I have heard”

I said, “You are not my friend then, because you know the claim is impossible and yet you came asking me questions as if you wanted me to defend myself”

The friend kept quiet

It is only in this side of the world that people try to attribute spiritual success to “dark” powers

The Light of the Holy Spirit is not powerful enough in their imagination to bring about the manifestations of the sons of God

There has to be an underhanded deal going on somewhere…

No wonder Jesus said he hoped he would meet faith in the world

Even those who witnessed and ought to defend the truth willfully are entertaining thoughts that lies could be making sense

Jesus said, Blessed am I, if I am persecuted for the sake of the gospel

I have received the blessings please, I grow the more and shine the more in it

It is just a bit disappointing to see foolishness riding the horse of the wise

May God bless and keep my mother

She had laboured over me for years in the place of prayer

She is an inspiration to me when I go on my knees before the Lord

She prayed for 27 years nonstop over me until I became a born-again Christian

Several times her prayers made the difference for me between life and death and I knew it

She is still praying for me daily

Blessed indeed am I.

This Friday, we will resume Night of Glory (Physical meeting at Pneuma Assembly)

This will give every one of us an opportunity to worship together and grow in the things of the Spirit in practical terms

Our Global Night of Glory for GSWMI will still hold online every last Friday of the month

I am inviting you, especially to this meeting

I will be there with all the ministers and minstrels of GSWMI

We will do Christ in all His Glory