Planted By The Lord

Planted By The Lord

If you are a born again Christian living in Nigeria, please don’t allow the naysayers get to you.

Don’t start packing your bag to leave the country because some aggrieved people are predicting doom I told many people this same truth in 2015, they ignored me and travelled abroad to seek for greener pastures.

As I write this, those they left behind (not in government or with access to government properties or money) are better off than them in everything.

Prospering in a nation has nothing to do with who rules in that nation, the question is, Did God plant you in that nation? Did God ask you to go there? 

Naomi and her husband said there was no food in Israel and they ran to Moab, she lost her husband and her two sons in that land of plenty and still did not prosper until she came back to Israel with Ruth. 

I am pleading with you that you should base your decisions on the leading of the Holy Spirit only. 

I was begged several times to flee abroad by those who love me and wish me well, my younger brother too. "We will file for you, we will make it seamless." Assured our parents.

Things looked bleak at the time but God said, "I will prosper you if you will stay and obey me. Then he said, "I will prosper the land for your sake of you will stay and obey me." 

I have held on to his word since then. He has prospered me. He has also prospered the land for my sake. The same will happen for you and to you If you will obey the instructions of the Lord to you Sow in this land and flourish.

Plant and harvest, we are in for a season of abundance in Christ. Don’t let the prophets of doom push you out of your divine location. The sons of the bondwoman will not take over Zion, it is Zion that will send saviours to Edom and teach Edom the ways of the Lord.

Always pay attention to your scriptures and the words of the Lord regarding your country. If the Lord instructs you to relocate, please do so. If he says, "stay here." Please do so. 

This is how you put the word of God to test. This is how we win- through obedience and yielding to his voice at all times. 

Politics and human government can generate a lot of noise but the discerning knows the meaning of a wheel within a wheel. 

We are in a Kingdom within a kingdom and we have roles to play for our King!