The vigil started at 11 pm

The choir led the service

There was a ceremonial marching in

A ceremonial call to worship

The praise and worship followed

The choir sang their hearts out

The choir was led by a talented musician

He had groomed them thoroughly

The talking drum, bass guitarist and keyboardist keyed into the music

The spirit came down

Within minutes the prophets in the service started jumping up and down

Some on one leg others while others gyrated staggeringly during the service

It was a white garment cult

He watched everything with an “I don’t care” attitude

He met the babe one evening

She was fetching water

He followed her and said “hi”

She said “hello”

He: I will like to be your boyfriend

She: Okay

The choir master of the cult had told him

This girl will not say no to you

She is not that kind of girl

She has been praying for a boyfriend

If you approach her

She would say yes

All he wanted was a relationship and possibly sex

He was just 19

Marriage was not even on his agenda

But he needed to have a relationship

He needed a girlfriend

The choirmaster was his neighbor

The choir master told him about the babe in the cult he belonged to

“If you come to my cult, you will sleep with as many girls as you want if you know how to play your game”

The choir master was right

It was a uniform wearing cult

The girls seemed to understand how things work

The choir master told him

"She is a virgin and she is eager to explore the sweetness of life

Once you start dating her, don’t slack

Kiss and smooch her

Tell her to open the floodgates

She will"

He did everything as instructed

She was game

But the first day he was with her, there was a challenge

Though he asked her to open the floodgates and she did

The gatekeepers were though

He couldn’t penetrate the hymen

He went back to his coach

She willingly opened the floodgates but I couldn’t enter

The choir master laughed

"You will lift up the head of the gates, and the everlasting doors will succumb"

How? He asked!

"Use a Vaseline, what were they teaching you in school, use your common sense"

She came to his room the next day

He was 19, an undergraduate

She had written her admission examinations but the results were not yet out

She looked at him and said

‘We have an unfinished business and you have to finish it today”

At first he didn’t understand her proverb

But then he got it

She was referring to his inability to deflower her the previous day

They got into the business

Kissing and rubbing and smooching

It felt like a taste of heaven

He took the Vaseline

It worked like magic

He tore into the maze


It was quite good

He was very careful

He kept his semen out of her

They became an item

She became the conductor

He became the singer

She invited him to the vigil

Who was he to say no?

There would be a treat after

He had tasted the pudding

He wanted more

She found him a uniform of their cult

‘Please wear this, I am a shepherd’s daughter, people would be asking questions”

He got her drift

Anything for the honeypot

He wore the uniform’

He looked just like them

As the choir ministered and the spirit begn to manifest

A woman came in

She looked at him

"Can you read so and so language very well?"

He said yes

"Please follow me"

When they got outside of the cult building

She said ‘I am the lead prophetess of this parish. I want you to read a portion of the scripture aloud for me”

He followed her

They got to the point where he would read

He saw a man, on his knees, dried palm fronds tied around his arms like a handcuff

The man was kneeling in front of a small rock

The rock was located right beside the river

Most of the worship centres of the cult are usually located located beside a river

That is trademark of the cult

There was a candle on top of the rock

The candle was shaped like a pregnant woman

They got to the man

The prophetess gave him the bible

"Open to Song of Solomon so and so"

He did

The prophetess used a lighter to light the candle in front of the man

The man was told to use the light of the candle to burn off the palm fronds

The prophetess said

“Somebody has accused you of snatching his wife with her pregnancy

You are here today seeking vindication

You don’t want the court case on so and so day to be ruled against you

The god of this holy cult will help you

The god of this Holy Cult will make sure the judgement is in your favour”

The prophetess turned to him

"Now read the scripture!"

He started reading the scripture

Suddenly the atmosphere changed

He had barely gotten to the second sentence when he saw with his own eyes a being

Black, dark, sinister, dinosaur like and fearsome rise out of the river


He had been a part of the invocation of a demon

He lost consciousness, fell backwards, the bible in a death grip in his hands!

When he came to, he was in the cult’s parish

It was 9am

He tried to move

He saw many lit candles all around him

He sat up

There was a throbbing headache at the back of his head

He saw the prophetess, she was seated right beside him, a little bit outside of the lit candles

“What happened to me?”

“The father revealed himself to you”

“The father?” what he saw was nothing like a benevolent merciful father! He was sure what he saw was a demon from the pit of hell!

He didn’t say a word

The prophetess told him he had to buy a soap, some coconuts, a perfume, a set of pendants and some candles

He must have a spiritual bath at a running stream, wear the pendant on his neck and break the coconuts at a place where three roads met!

He did everything within the next three days

He went back home

The headache never left

Sometimes it reduced in intensity, sometimes it almost tore his head to pieces

He went from one parish of the cult to another

He desperately needed help

He met many prophets

"Please I want to be rid of this constant headache"

the headache persisted

He spent a lot of money

Eventually one prophet told him he had seen the unthinkable and must understand the consequences he was facing was justified

"How can you see father and insist on remaining the same?"

After much ado the headache became a once in a month episode

It would suddenly come upon him early in the morning around 3 am and wouldn’t leave until late in the evening

They told him he would have to manage the situation until “father’’ saw it fit to release him

He accepted fate

One day while he was in school

Someone preached the gospel to him

Jesus can do this, Jesus can do that…

He was desperate for any solution whatever

He accepted Jesus into his life

He started reading the Bible from the book of John

He received the Holy Spirit

He started speaking in tongues

The headaches stopped

He didn’t know the day the headache stopped or the exact moment

He just noticed one day that he was no longer feeling any throbbing at the back of his head!

Once he became born again

His girlfriend became uneasy

“We never had a discussion where you said you would become a born again Christian!”

‘You have changed!’

His girlfriend left him

It was his greatest deliverance

He focused on working out his salvation

He graduated

Three years later he met another lady

She was beautiful, elegant, enlightened and highly educated

They became friends

She had a strong walk with the Lord

Iron sharpened iron

Eighteen months later, they got married

Their home is blessed with three children


PS: He spent eight years in total in the uniform cult organization

All because he wanted to have sex

They were eight years of spiritual captivity

Until he came to Jesus

He was a prey for the enemy

If you are attending a cult where the name of Jesus is mixed with that of an angel in prayer

Don’t deceive yourself, it is not a church of Christ

Salvation has come to you right now

Lift up your hands to the heaven and invite Jesus into your heart

Without Jesus, you are vulnerable and prone to implosion

If you call upon the name of the Lord, you shall be saved!