The Evidence

The Evidence

What is the evidence that Jesus came to this earth and did everything we were told he did in the Bible?

What is the evidence that the Holy Spirit came on the day of Pentecost and everything we read in the book of Acts happened as written? What is the evidence that there is something called being born again and this experience transforms our lives in ways that cannot be described with words? What is the evidence that the Holy Spirit is real and those who are filled with it walk in the supernatural in such a manner that they do the deeds of God and are branded as executors of God's will on the earth?

I read several reports and even saw videos of archaeologists and scientists debunking many things written in the Bible

One talked about Noah and the ark and he said there was no scientific evidence that what was said about Noah and the great flood happened

Another spoke about Jonah and the fish and he said there was no evidence that Jonah was indeed swallowed by a fish

Another spoke about Jesus and called him an ordinary man who said some things and led some people but whose death made him a hero

I read all these accounts and I laugh

I don’t need to see or search or do research before I know that the Bible is real and that everything written in it is divine, all anyone needs to see is my life or the life of any other Christian for that matter

There is no religion in this world that offers the abilities we have and the wonders we can do in the name of Jesus

I have not seen a man or woman healed by the laying on of hands by a child, a baby, a teenager, a man or woman who prayed in the name of any religious figure or idol and was healed instantly

I have been at a debate before, at a University in Lagos State, Nigeria, a woman who had a daughter who was born blind and had walked the tough road of raising this girl with so much love and affection but with bitterness in her heart against God was invited to a Fresh Student's Orientation Day event to motivate students

I was invited to the same event to also speak to the same fresh students

She was a professor

I was a Youth Pastor at the time (I am no longer a pastor)

She spoke well and I was captivated by her words until she told the students that they don’t need God to succeed

She mentioned many things which are correct but really had nothing to do with God

She talked about universities abroad and all the breakthroughs they had achieved in inventions and technology without believing in God

She talked about Hitler and using many Jews as guinea pigs and how this led to technological and scientific breakthroughs for the whole world

She talked about systems and societies that are well-organized and how God was not the reason behind their success

I was invited there to speak as a minister of the gospel, and she was invited to speak as a minister of a secular reality or atheist mindset

I was not informed this was what the school had in mind when they invited me

I caught on as the programme progressed but I was glad she was speaking first and that she was so eloquent, had many degrees and was referred to as a PhD holder

She spoke for an hour

When she was going to close her talk, she said she believed in God once and was deeply religious, got married to a lawyer who was also a Pastor and they got pregnant right after marriage and that when she delivered her child, she discovered something was wrong with the child right out of the womb

She said that was how she got convinced that God does not exist

How could God allow her baby to be imperfect? Her baby was born blind? She had lived a "holy" life (She meant a moral life. Every born-again Christian is living a Holy Life because they are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus)

She got married as a virgin and so did her husband

They were both so naive, that after they got married, they did not know how to have sex until a doctor told her husband that she was still a virgin and sleeping on the same bed holding each other in a cuddle is not the same thing as making love

She said it was the doctor who taught them what sex was and the first time they had it both of them were horrified and delighted at the same time because it was messy that first day

She said even the devil cannot reward such chastity with deformity and after the incident, she came to the conclusion that there was no God

She believed both she and her husband had lived such a good life that God naturally should be favouring and giving them the best of everything (If He truly existed)

I listened to her for an hour and twenty-three minutes

I was looking at my watch constantly because I didn't want the students to become restless while listening to her

When she was done, I was invited to the podium

I greeted her and told her I was the evidence that God was real

I told her I don’t prove this evidence by talking about what God has done for me or in my life or around me, I am not the "Look at nature" or "Think about it" preacher, but an ambassador of Christ- a member of the Assembly of the Saints in Light, the prolongment of His days

Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand. (Isaiah 53:10). Ponder again on what you just read: It pleased the Lord to bruise Him and make His soul an offering for sin; He’d bring forth seed that would prolong His days, His influence, and establish His rule forever. It answers the question the prophet asked in Isaiah 53:8: “… Who shall declare his generation?” We’re his seed, declaring His days. The pleasure of the Lord prospers in our hands. We-the Church-are ones declaring who He really is and His plan of salvation for all mankind. We bear witness to His deity and continue all the beautiful things that He began, both to do and teach (Acts 1:1); His miraculous works and teachings about the Kingdom of God, which He continued through the Apostles. They, in turn, delivered the same teachings to others, and finally, it got to us. And we’re carrying it on until He returns.

She sat there shaking her head silently

Then I said, "Your daughter can see now"

I did not even know her daughter was in the auditorium with us and was a full-grown adult (She was 19)

The woman looked at me and laughed sarcastically as if to say "I have caught you now, fake preacher!" Then she looked up to her right and saw her daughter walking straight to the podium to meet me with tears in her eyes

I hugged this glorious joy of the Lord, prayed with her, got her born again, and filled her with the Holy Spirit

Her eyes were seeing perfectly but the bulbs were unstable

I saw the way the pupil was darting right and left as if there was an unstable electrical current in it

I laid my hands on her eyes and told her eyes to be stable

When I removed my eyes, the darting bulbs had become normal

This Dr. T was on her knees already, weeping profusely

She had left the church for over fifteen years

She became an agnostic and then an atheist for over ten years

She had been a strong advocate of research, science, and technology as the key to humanity and advancement

The church she was born into did not believe in miracles and she had never experienced or seen a miracle before in her life

Then, in this public gathering, God showed up

All the students in the hall were on their feet, and the lecturers were there too, other students who were not fresh students heard what was happening and rushed to the auditorium

The Holy Spirit moved mightily, everybody felt Him and started speaking in tongues

We had diverse miracles, signs, and wonders recorded in that meeting

I spent over two hours on the podium

Nobody looked at the time or wanted to leave

Talk is cheap

I didn’t have to speak a word in defence of the Christian faith

I am the more, the fulfilment of His days, the evidence that He came, the carrier of His Spirit

I know this truth to be self-evident

Christ in me is the manifestation of Glory

If you were ever asked to prove biblical facts when it comes to discussions of faith or debates or arguments, you are the evidence, you are the more

You didn’t manufacture the tongues you speak or the gifts of the Spirit at work in you or your salvation

You didn’t manufacture your transformed life

Christ is alive in you

You are the more!

There is no other entity that will come after you to prove anything to anyone

You are the ambassador of Christ

The onus is on you and this has nothing to do with morality or good behaviour

Religious folks like to show that they are godly people by behaving in a certain manner

Jesus himself didn't behave in a religious manner

It was the Pharisees, Sadducees and Sanhedrin who behaved in a religious manner

Jesus displayed the power and wisdom of God effortlessly

This was what the whole world saw and is still seeing today

Behavioural modification as a result of encountering religion is not evidence of salvation

I have not seen anyone who accepts any religion willingly whose behaviour didn't get altered as a result of it

But as I wrote earlier, what I can do in the name of Jesus, no one on this earth can do the same in the name of any other entity both living or dead.

This is the evidence that Christ dwells in me

If you are a born-again Christian, you are the testimony of Jesus Christ in heaven according to Revelations 5 Read it over and over again

The day I read it and understood it, my understanding of who I am and what I am to do in this world changed forever

I am a Kingdom and a Priest to serve God and I reign on earth! I Reign! I rule! I King! This is the evidence that the believer possesses which cannot be refuted or defeated

He or she has been enabled to be Christ so that his or her manifestation is no longer in words but in power

Don’t fall for the lies of ignorant folks who tell you that you are still facing battles after you become born again or there are still strongholds to bring down somewhere

Anything that makes you less than Christ in reality after you have become filled with the Holy Spirit is a lie

Learn who you are in Christ and own it

You are the More! You are the one filled with the Holy Spirit You are the saviour that has been sent forth from Zion

There is no one coming after you to save anyone or show them the way of salvation You are the last hope of humanity in its entirety. Always remember this.

PS: I got awesome news yesterday It was a very pleasant surprise It made me sing and dance and praise and prance till 2 AM

One of my sisters in the UK who had been married for a while and trusting God for a baby suddenly discovered she was pregnant

It happened naturally according to the promise of God to her husband

Now if you know this sister of mine, you will understand why my joy is gushing anyhow

This year, there is so much to enjoy in Zion

I am dedicating miracle babies all over the world to the glory of God.

Dr T and her daughter and husband are living in New Jersey, USA now

They are not just believers but the three of them are Pastors

After the birth of T, she decided she wouldn't have another child so that she could dedicate her attention to the one born blind but when the one born blind got back her eyes, Dr. T. got pregnant again and delivered a baby boy who is now six years old

Their testimonies are not just about the things God did for them

They have become irrefutable evidence of the reality of Christ to the world