Christ In Me...

Christ In Me...

It is a bit funny that I started talking to the Lord earlier today about my confrontations with the powers of darkness as a believer

Several years ago, the encounters were all I seemed to be having

I had issues with witches 

Encounters with Ogboni people 

Encounters with Oke Ore traditional cultists

I had a face with three witches on the case of one young man called Solomon whose belly was so big one would think he was pregnant, not knowing it was a witchcraft affliction

I had a face-off with witches at Arepo when I went to an RCCG church to minister, and one of them came to me saying they tricked her into joining, and she wanted out of it

I had another face-off with them on the issue of a demonic house at Ikorodu that my colleague Brother Enoch brought my attention to

I remember a case at Yaba that my boss asked me to look into in which things were moving in the house, and the man’s family had to run away from home because of these strange spirits

I remember the case at Surulere in which a grandmother brought her granddaughter, who was a witch, for deliverance and the one in which one girl from Akwa Ibom was brought by her parents…

They were very many in the pre-2017/2018 season of my life

Then it evolved

At a point, the face-off stopped

Except for one that wandered into my room in 2020 during Covid and the one at Ibadan whose daughter came to report

She went blind and died shortly after that.

The same with one case that I had to ask BUKOLA Adewuyi to take care in Ibadan

As I grew in my walk with Jesus, I ascended beyond that level of confrontations and interactions with the hordes of darkness.

Now, when I tell them to come and give their lives to Jesus, they don’t put up a fight, unlike in 2016 when we held a crusade at Ojota motor park, and there was heavy contention afterwards 

Growth is the keyword here.

The more I grew in my walk with the Lord, the more such issues became a thing of the past.

The light I dwell in now is so indelible that no power of darkness can dare it.

I remember last year in October when my biological father and his friend came to visit me, and they started telling me stories of witchcraft and the power of darkness they had witnessed.

The way my spirit responded that day during the ordination service, I had never seen that dimension of power before.

As you grow in your walk with the Lord, you will notice these changes also

You can't be fighting witches for 5 years as a minister of the gospel 

Not to talk of 20 years or 30 years 

It means you are deluded, and the witchcraft is a product of your imagination.

Moses didn’t fight Egyptian demons for more than a year before they let him go.

The journey ahead of a believer is upward and forward only

After you become born again, you may have one contention or the other, but it is for that season only

Once you overcome, you begin another level in your walk with Christ in which you live a life of dominion and power over every principality and power 

I know pastors whose prayer point in 2008 is still their prayer point in 2024

Such pastors are unlearned and unskilled in the things of the spirit

They do not believe their prayers are being answered, and they have refused to reconcile their reality with the words they are speaking out of their mouths

This is the bane of many believers 

Being stagnant in their consciousness, practising religion without the leading of the Spirit

I often hear some believers also claiming that they are constantly spiritually attacked after praying in the spirit.

This is an early indication of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses that many of them are pretending is one enemy strangling them.

It is best to seek medical help to know what the problem truly is

There is no safer place to be as a believer than in the presence of God.

When we pray or worship, what we have is fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore

We are secure in His presence

You are sealed and branded as untouchable in Christ