The Journey

The Journey

Have you ever seen a time-travel movie? If you have or haven't, try seeing one again for better context. I had to see one again to bring more clarity to the picture.


What am I talking about?


I was reading Nicodemus night visitation to Jesus in the book of John(John 3) and a thought dropped in my mind, "Do you know you have gone on time travel before?" 


Time travel ke? I should know if I had something like that now abi? Besides, is time traveling not fiction for books and movies?

"Holy Spirit what do you mean?" I asked.


"Read it again." I heard. So, I did... John 3:3-8 then I saw it!


This is a word or phrase I have used and thrown about almost daily but I have never seen it that way!


Born again... Means going back in time to be born again like a fresh baby not physically but spiritually (cos God is Spirit and we worship and interact with him in Spirit and truth, John 4:24)


If you have seen a time travel movie when the person who travels in time does anything different from what they have done before, everything in the future changes.


When I time traveled, I switched lineage and was born in a new family, with a new DNA. The time machine is activated by Words aka salvation prayer.


Like when a wall socket is faulty and I switch my extension wire/box to a new wall socket, can the fault of the old socket follow my extension box and my appliances?


If it cannot, why should I be fixated on generational curses and all the bloodline issues and negative things associated with my former family or could it be I am thinking I did not get born again well? That's why I am going back to fight the issues with the old wall socket.


If words created the world, words saved the world, words changed my lineage and DNA, if words are that important, are the words I have been saying keeping me in my old and faulty lineage/bloodline or making my new lineage my current reality?


So, if I have switched lineage and DNA, what is even obtainable in this new lineage?


Since there is time traveling for salvation, what other types of time travel are available that you have not explored? Start exploring!


Ufedo Love Illah