The Missing God

The Missing God

(John 20: 11-15)

One of the most significant teachings of Jesus was in Samaria when He encountered the woman at the well.

She questioned why religion taught that people had to physically go to a specific location (the Temple in Jerusalem) to worship God (John 4:20).

She asked, “why is God limited to the Temple in Jerusalem? Our fathers worshiped God in this mountain, you Jews say that is wrong: the ONLY acceptable place to worship Him is in the Temple in Jerusalem”, she queried.

Jesus gave a reply that seems to go against the theology of the average Christian today. He said, “Believe me, ma’am; a time is coming when you wouldn’t need to worship God on this mountain or in the Temple in Jerusalem!”

What did Jesus mean by that?

He simply meant the OMNIPRESENCE of God would be revealed and we would be able to worship Him ANYWHERE!

We would understand that God is NOT limited by time and space, He is NOT limited to a physical location.

He is NOT limited to a BUILDING.

Unfortunately, there are loads of Christians who do not have this understanding.

We see them in our Churches on Sundays, shaking our hands and telling us, “Welcome to the Presence of God!” (I think they are called Ushers).

Apparently, Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman in John Chapter 4 has not been revealed to them.

So we have Christians of this age with the mindset of the Jews in the Old Testament, folks practicing JUDAISM, thinking they are practicing CHRISTIANITY.

They still serve a Physical God in Physical locations. Jesus’ submission that “GOD IS A SPIRIT, THEY THAT WORSHIP HIM MUST WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH” (John 4:24) is lost to them.

In the Old Testament, Jacob ran away with his family from his uncle, Laban. One of his wives stole her father’s gods. The father pursued them. He caught up with them and asked, “Why did you carry my gods away?” (Genesis 31:30). Laban had PHYSICAL GODS that could be stolen. His gods could be moved from one location to another.

Now, when Jesus resurrected in John chapter 20, Mary was of the same “PHYSICAL GOD” mindset. She saw Him and thought He was the Gardener. She asked, “Where have you taken Him to? I want to go get Him!” To her, Jesus was MISSING. Jesus had been taken away. He was stolen, He was lost: she needed to make an effort to FIND Him. She needed to SAVE Him!

Ironic, isn’t it? Jesus is MISSING, Mary wanted to FIND Him, she needed to SAVE Him!

The question now is: WHERE IS YOUR GOD?

Is He missing, like Mary thought hers was? Is He stolen like Laban thought his was? Is He lost and needs to be found? Or needs to be saved?

Is He in the Camp as many people think theirs is?

Is He in Jerusalem and you need to go on a Pilgrimage to encounter Him?

Do you need to go through rituals and rites before you can meet him? Or do you carry Him around INSIDE you, so He is with you 24/7?

A colleague of mine had a job interview several years ago. He needed the job so badly. So, a week to the interview, he traveled to a Camp to pray. He was there for a few days. He eventually got the job.

I asked him, “are you aware you could have prayed same prayer in your house and God would have answered you?” He disagreed! He said, “Harry, there are some serious prayers you just can’t pray anyhow! You need to go to a place where God’s Presence is more manifest!”

He had the “LOCATIONAL GOD” mindset: A New Testament Christian with an Old Testament Mentality.

If he were ever limited by space and cannot have access to the Camp, he would feel vulnerable. He would feel exposed.

God is a SPIRIT, Jesus taught the Samaritan woman at the well. He can NEVER be missing as Mary thought, neither can he be stolen as Laban’s God were.

I ask again: WHERE IS YOUR GOD?

Only YOU can answer that…


Haruna Daniels.