The Shooting Star

The Shooting Star

He found himself thrown out in the cold at the age of 37. He was in London, right in front of TM Lewin shop when he got the call from his wife. She basically said, "You know what, don't come back to this house anymore, I have changed the locks and I am done with you."


They had gone through certain patches in their marriage like other couples did. He was into logistics business and he also owned an African Video Store which thrived in his twenties. Those were the businesses he did before meeting her. He met her at a friend's Christmas party and for him it was love at first sight. 

She was a high flier, a manager in a fortune 500 company. She was open to his advances and eventually they had dinner. In the course of their discussion, he told her he had attended Harvard Business School and also had an MBA in Business Administration from a reputable university in Nigeria. 

He didn't tell her those facts to impress her, he did so to disarm her because he felt she had her nose high up and was acting as if he was beneath her due to her big job. She was initially shocked that he was that learned but then she bounced back by insinuating that he lacked ambition for settling for the ownership of an African Video Shop and a Haulage and logistics business that focused especially on moving goods between Nigeria and the UK. 

He should have said his goodbyes at that point but he really liked her and felt she would change if she really got to know him. 

By their third date, she started telling him about job openings in banks and other institutions that she heard about and interviews she had secured for him. She said he was underemployed and needed to do better than he was doing. He caved. 

He told himself he could employ hands to run his two businesses while he made some more money as an employee. He started attending interviews and writing tests. 

Eventually, he got a job with a security firm as their business development manager. 

The pay was good and he had the required skills. 

She rewarded him by spending the weekend at his flat. He finally was her match. 

They got married a year later. 

She found a house for them to buy. It was too expensive for them in his opinion but she put her foot down. She felt he would rather settle for less when he could have the best. 

His ambition or lack of it was a constant problem in their marriage. She wanted to travel all over for holidays, buy houses at certain places, mix with certain people and live the royal life and she expected him to live that life with her or at least fund it. 

He was earning well but he had nothing to show for it. He had mortgages on the house, payments on the cars (He bought her a Porsche convertible), electronics, furniture, kitchen wares, clothes, luxury cruises and so on. 

There was something about impressing people, especially her friends that turned her on. 

He had never cared who made what he was wearing as long as he was not naked. 

When she shopped and bought him stuff, she expected him to be grateful. He was always indifferent. His ingratitude hurt her. Her insensitivity hurt him. 

It was a terrible marriage in his opinion but somehow, they held on. 

She wanted a baby. He wanted a baby too but he was scared to have a baby with her. 

He suspected they would eventually get a divorce; it was obvious to him. 

She pushed for a baby, he pushed back. 

Then she got pregnant somehow and he insisted she must have an abortion. 

It led to a bitter argument. He said a lot of things, chief of which was that she was too materialistic and would make a very poor mother. 

He gave her several examples and said if she was wise, she wouldn't bring a child into this world. She flared up and locked herself in a room. 

After some hours, he decided he was too harsh and needed to apologize. He went to the TM Lewin shop to buy her a peace gift (Something she had always wanted).

That was when he got the call. She simply told him they were done as a couple. 

He felt relieved and sad at the same time. 

He bought the gift and returned home to try and appeal to her. He met his clothes on the road and the door firmly shut. He checked himself into a hotel that night. 

He was 37 and single again. His only regret was the pregnancy. He felt he should have summoned the courage to walk out earlier rather than get thrown out on such a short notice. 

He didn't get a wink of sleep till the early hours of the morning. At about noon the next day, he heard a knock on his hotel room door. He opened the door and a lady was standing there. 

The lady said "Your name is Mr. XYZ, from Nigeria. I have been in this hotel for a few days waiting for you. The Lord told me you will be checking into this room. If you can spare me a minute, can we meet at the reception to chat?"


He had never believed in the mumbo-jumbo of religious folks. He tried to live a good life as much as he could, but he was curious. The lady spoke like someone who knew something. He joined her at the reception thirty minutes later.

She told him the Holy Spirit told her to give him a Bible and asked him to stay indoors for 21 days just reading the Bible and Praying because the Lord wants to have a conversation with him. 

He collected the Bible and thanked the lady. When he got back to his room, he realised he didn't ask for her phone number or room number etcetera. 

He was born into a Christian home but after moving abroad he left it all behind. 

He got to his room and curiously began to read the Bible from Genesis 1. Suddenly the power of the Holy Spirit came upon him.

The Holy Spirit told him to return to Nigeria and meet with the Brother in Jeans and T-shirt on a certain date at a certain location. He stayed in the room and read the Bible for 21 days while praying and enjoying the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

When he checked out, he bought a ticket and returned to Nigeria. He met with the Brother in Jeans at the reception of a hotel in Ikeja. They recognized each other instantly and talked excitedly about the Holy Spirit and His plans for a few hours. 

He got clarity from the discussions. 

As they prayed together, the Holy Spirit said, "I have appointed him to lead my people...."

The Holy Spirit gave the address and contact of the person he was to see in Osun State.

When he got to the location, he met the lady that gave him a Bible in London, her husband and nine other people. 

They were waiting for him.

The pastor of their church had slept in the Lord three months before and the whole church started praying to know God's plan for a new leader. The next Sunday, he was introduced to the church by the elders and prayer team.

He resumed as the administrative head for two years while the elders led spiritually (This was according to the counsel of the Brother in Jeans and T-shirt. 

He also attended PSSBC so that he would know the gospel and learn how to walk in the supernatural. 

Last Sunday, the elders relinquished the control of the ministry to him fully as he had proven to be capable to lead.

The way of God is indeed unique and unsearchable, those who walk in His light can never stumble. 


PS: His ex-wife lost the pregnancy as soon as the divorce was final.

He got married a year after he returned to Nigeria.

He married a beautiful light from the South Eastern part of Nigeria

She is a lawyer and a daughter of Zion with an excellent Spirit.

Are you walking in His Light?