The Vulture

The Vulture

Three hundred applicants dropped their CV'S and applications within a week of the vacancy announcements

They had only ten openings in all their outlets nationwide

They needed four food technologists, three accountants and three outlet managers

They had people on the waiting list

He Knows!

He had been managing the eatery business of his parents for five years

They had built the business from a "hire to cater" hobby of his mother's into a nationwide company with over three hundred branches

He was their only child

He was sent abroad and trained specifically to take the reins

There was nothing more empowering for him than to see the crowd flock to their headquarters practically begging to be employed.

It also brought him his greatest past time: watching the female applicants write tests for a job they will only get by sleeping with him


The male applicants stood no chance unless of course, his parents intervened by recommending someone they know personally. But the ladies have only one Red sea to cross after all the formalities.

Once you are shortlisted, you will have to sleep with him or walk away!

All the ladies they had employed since he took over had to cross that final step. Whenever he walked into any of their establishments the body language of the ladies made him smile. They had all shared his bed and therefore none of them could claim moral superiority over another.

These set of applicants were especially juicy. He had already identified ten of the most beautiful ones. He told his personnel manager to send him their names. Once they were done with the tests, they should come up to his office. His manager had also gone through the ritual.

They came up

He congratulated them

Gave each of them an envelope and dismissed them.

Inside the envelopes were invitations and instruction for each of them to prepare to attend a dinner event with the group MD.

Each lady got different dates

It was to test their social skills

That had always been his tactics

The lady would do everything to look good and impress him. A driver would bring her to a good hotel. They would eat and chat for a while, break the ice. He would invite her to his room afterwards. If his invitation was refused? No problem, No job

He would have the driver return her home and that would be that.

The process continued with the ladies, one after the other. It was rare to see a lady say no. Some would feign ignorance and follow him into the room only to beg and plea instead of closing the deal.

He hated those!

The practical ones would have gotten the message. Once they are in the room, they would remove their earrings and other stuff and make themselves comfortable.

They would close the deal

He would give them #50,000 cash, their letter of employment and the driver would return them home

One of the ladies had a friend who was already employed by their outlet. She called her friend, "this is the development"

Her friend told her the truth

Get a condom, he almost always never bothered to wear one unless you insist.

Close your eyes

Do it

Welcome to our establishment

She thought it through

She had been searching for a job for four years

She needed the break badly

But to do this?

She went on her knees

"O God, I will have to go through with this because I cannot see any option at the moment. I am sorry"

She started preparing for the dinner

On the day of the dinner, she dressed well. She had decided to enjoy herself before the ordeal

The driver didn't show up

The next day, he was reported to have suffered a heart attack and died

A week later she got her letter of employment, they found it in his hotel room


The end