The Holy Spirit told him as he was praying early that morning not to go out that day

He heard the Holy Spirit clearly

He had places to go!

One of the youths under his care was involved in a motor accident

Another youth, also under his care, was learning how to ride a motorcycle

He had been learning for only two weeks

This other youth had a package to deliver to a friend at a location about ten kilometers from the church

He didn’t have money for transportation

He asked the one learning how to ride a motorcycle to take him there

The youth learning how to ride refused

He was just learning how to ride within the streets

How could he put a motorcycle on the expressway just like that?

The other youth begged and begged

"They will pay us something for delivering the package

We will share that and have some cash in our pockets!"

“Money answereth all things”

The youth learning how to ride obliged him

They planned their journey well

The police would be on the streets from 9am till 4pm

They decided to leave for the location around 5pm

To be on a safer side

They set out in that evening and arrived at their destination safely

They delivered the package to the owner

They were well compensated

On their way back from the location, they had an accident

A Toyota Sienna hit their motorcycle from behind

Both of them fell into a ditch

The driver of the Sienna didn"t wait

He was called immediately

He rushed to the emergency center they were taken to

The youth learning to ride had minor injuries

But the one who prevailed upon the youth learning to ride had a head injury

He was in a coma by the time the brother in Jeans and T-shirt got there

The emergency station attendants had attended to both of them

The youth with the head injury was deemed critical and an ambulance was sent to take him to the general hospital

The brother in Jeans and T-shirt drove behind the ambulance

They got to the general hospital in Gbagada, Lagos

The accident victim was transferred from the ambulance to the Intensive care unit

As the youth pastor, he was there everyday

They paid a lot of bills and bought a lot of stuffs

That morning he had prayed that God will bring the injured youth out of a coma

As he was praying the Holy Spirit asked him not to go out that day

Ha! Holy Spirit! What would people say?

They will say the church had deserted this young man

He was in Lagos to hustle and had no known relatives

Father, please have mercy!

The Holy Spirit insisted!

“Do not go anywhere today”

That was the fifth day after the accident

He had been there every day for the first four days

He decided to obey the Holy Spirit

Wasn’t obedience said to be better than sacrifice?

The doctors had given them a list of drugs to buy

One of the brothers in the church was married to a nurse

The nurse went to the hospital where she worked (private) and got all the drugs

The Husband came to the brother in Jeans and T-shirt

We have the drugs now, will you drive us to the hospital?

The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt did not mince words

"I am not going out today

The Holy Spirit said I should stay indoors all day"

The brother appealed

“Please sir, we need to get the drugs to this young man as soon as possible!”

The young man in Jeans and T-shirt dipped his hand into his pocket and offered the husband some money

“Please use this for transportation to the Hospital, I will not be coming today”

The husband refused to collect the money

He left!

The young man in Jeans and T-shirt rested on his couch and started reading his Bible

He had been reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation over the years

This was his eleventh time

He read slowly, paying attention to the words and the subtle messages of the Holy Spirit

He also had with him “Daughter of destiny”

A book on Katherine Khulman!

He had been tremendously blessed by the book

Thirty minutes later his doorbell rang

One of the elders of the church was at the door

He opened the door and invited the elder in

The elder entered followed by the husband of the nurse who left his house almost an hour before

“Brother so and so, why wouldn’t you help us take this medicine to the hospital?” the elder asked

“Sir I have been to the hospital for four days in a row, I drove behind the ambulance when the accident victim was transferred to the General hospital but as I was praying this morning, the Holy Spirit told me not to leave the House and I heard him clearly. I am not going anywhere!”

The elder heard him and started speaking logic

“God is not a wicked God, the elder said, imagine the young man’s relatives arrive at the hospital and they didn’t see the effect or the presence of the church! If you were in their shoes, the past four days wouldn’t matter! It is what they see on ground that would make them see the love we are showing and come to the knowledge of the love of Christ. Please, let us pray that the Holy Spirit will clear every danger off the highway and help us as you have done before to deliver this medicine to the hospital, the young man needs it badly”

The young man in Jeans and T-shirt said “I am willing to pay the transportation cost or even release my car to you sir! I will willingly do this so that you can deliver the medicine right away! I was told by the Holy Spirit to stay indoors and I intend to fully obey!”

The elder was unhappy that the young man in Jeans and T-shirt insisted that he was not leaving his house

He left with the husband of the nurse who was still clutching the bag of medicine

The young man in Jeans and T-shirt resumed his scripture reading, he was reading the story about Onan and the relationship between Judah and Tamar

His doorbell rang

It was the elder, the husband of the nurse and the Assistant parish pastor!

The three musketeers!

Assistant parish pastor: Youth pastor! Youth Pastor!! I guess you know why I am here

Brother in Jeans and T-shirt: No sir

Elder: Why are you saying no! I was here earlier to discuss a matter with you. Weren’t I?

Brother in jeans and T-shirt: I assumed we had ironed that issue out sir

Elder: I don’t have a car, the Assistant parish pastor does not have a car and Brother So and so doesn’t have a car! We all have stuff to do but the life of a young man is at stake! We are here to appeal to you to please carry out your duty over your flock and take this medicine to the hospital for that poor young man

Young man in Jeans and T-Shirt: Sir, I told you that the Holy Spirit instructed me not to leave the house today! I have not heard anything from the Holy Spirit since then! If I had I would have conveyed his message to you

Assistant Parish pastor: I was told that tale. Don’t worry. I will go with you. We will be together in the vehicle. The Holy Spirit is not wicked. The Holy Spirit knows we are on a mission to rescue the life of one of his children. There will be no problem on the way. I guarantee it!

The young man in Jeans and T-Shirt was backed into a corner!

Anything he said or did after then would be deemed spiritual arrogance

He went into the bathroom

“Holy Spirit please speak to them!” He prayed

He dressed up and met them in his sitting room

They followed him downstairs

The assistant pastor hopped into the passenger side of the vehicle

The young man in Jeans and T-shirt drove

They had just navigated their way out of the area to link the major highway when the police officers ran out of their hiding places and stopped them!

Police officer: PARK!

Young man in jeans and T-shirt parked

Police officer: Didn’t you see that we were stopping you?

Young man in Jeans and T-Shirt: No, I didn’t see that you were stopping me sir

Officer: That is offence number one, resisting arrest and pretending you didn’t see a police officer

Assistant Pastor: That is not true, you people were hiding in that corner over there

Police officer: That is offence number 2, speaking before being spoken to and accusing the police of entrapment! Can I see your particulars?

Young man in Jeans and T-shirt wound down the glass to give the particulars to the police officer, the other police officers quickly opened the back seat of the car and jumped in

Officers: Take us to the station!

Police Officer: I am inspector So and so, I am impounding this flashy car for your flagrant offences of resisting arrest, accusing an officer of entrapment, accusing an officer of soliciting bribe, speaking without being addressed and so on. Kindly drive this car to the station

The young man in Jeans and T-Shirt obeyed. He drove the police officers to the police station.

In his mind he remembered the instruction of the Holy Spirit and prayed!

“Holy Spirit, please have mercy!”

When they got to the station they explained where their mission to the Police inspector! He was not moved

They gave him all the papers!

He insisted on impounding the car because it looked too flashy and suspicious! It seemed to him like a stolen vehicle or a vehicle smuggled into the country!

The young man in Jeans and T-Shirt begged

The Assistant Pastor begged

They were only about 500 meters from the young man in Jeans and T-shirt’s house

He kept remembering the warning of the Holy Spirit

They got to the police station at 10 am

The police inspector refused all entreaties

He kept shifting ground on the offence he claimed they have committed

By 2pm the Assistant pastor left

He had something to attend to at home and he was sorry but he had to go!

By 4pm another church member came to the station to collect the medicine and take it to the hospital

By 5pm it started raining

By 6pm the wife of the young man in Jeans and T-shirt arrived with a journalist covering the crime beat from her office. They went straight to the District Police Officer’s office and the DPO sent for the inspector!

The DPO listened to the inspector and concluded that the arrest was unlawful and illegal. They were set free

By 7pm the rain abated

They drove out of the police station at 7:05pm

The young man in Jeans and T-shirt had spent the whole day in police custody for an unlawful arrest! And bogus accusations

As he drove out of the police station the Holy Spirit said “I sent the police officer to delay you, since you cannot insist on my word and I was determined to preserve you from the evil trap set for you in town today!”


He got home and fell on his knees

He didn’t know the corrupt police man was an instrument in the hands of the Holy Spirit!

He learnt that day never to compromise the voice of the Holy Spirit!

Never to respect status, title or anointing once such is at odds with the leading of the Holy Spirit!


PS: This event happened in 2011 in Ketu Area of Lagos

The youth that was involved in the accident recovered a few days after this episode

The young man in Jeans and T shirt learnt some very valuable lessons that day!

Walking with the Holy Spirit could mean saying no to people who would take offence sometimes

Walking with the Holy Spirit could mean going where religion says NOT TO GO sometimes

Walking with the Holy Spirit means giving the Holy Spirit 100% regardless of whose ox is gored