Human nature is a complex thing

Some people are driven by forces beyond their control

Others are driven by certain kinds of lust and ambition

Some are driven by emotion

Others are stoic

Some say “I am what I am because I was made this way”

Others claim we can remake ourselves regardless of how we were made

Sometimes we go too far in one direction

At such times we must call for help or crash!

He was born into a good home

His parents brought up all their children properly

He didn’t know why he was resistant to the goodly and godly

He was drawn to the unconventional

He hated rules

He despised instructions

He was just wild

He thought it was a good thing

The wildness, the ferocious savagery

He simply couldn’t be a sheep

Oh no! Lambs were meant to be slaughtered

On the surface he was a gentle person

He rarely spoke

He would often sit in a corner, lost in himself

Sometimes he would be at home for a week without leaving his room

But whenever he was on the move

Evil hung on to his coattails

It was who he was

When he got into the university

It took him a few weeks to get recruited into one of the cult groups

Blood was his natural instinct

He was a predator, a natural hunter

Within a year he had proven himself beyond every doubt

Some in the group jostled for positions

He didn’t!

They didn’t dare to place anyone above him

He was number one

He had walked with the invokers of spirits

He had gone into the deep of the deep of the miry clay

Someone showed him the way

He followed it

He saw djinns face to face

They wined and dined together for days

He saw wraiths one on one, they feasted together

The djinns told him they would push money his way

All they wanted was human flesh

The wraiths told him they would protect him

All they wanted was human flesh

His herbalist told him one day

After he returned from a 41 days trip into the hollow of a tree

Where he met with all sorts of evil spirits and survived it

“You have now surpassed me in rank,

I dare not consult the demons for you anymore”

He started killing with impunity

Mostly he led the strike against rival cult group members

He would invade any campus, at any time and strike

The more he killed, the more his demons feasted

He met a lady, he spoke to her of love

She wouldn’t dare say No!

They became an item

She became his weapons keeper

He took her to some deep places

She became fortified

Nobody could touch them

They ruled with terror and dread

They were renowned and revered

They graduated

They got married

They started having children

The djinns came around, we want to feast

The wraiths came around, we want to feast

He had gotten so deep into the demonic

He was untouchable for the Djinns and the wraiths

His wife was untouchable for the Djinns and the wraiths

He told the Djinns, “I am no longer in school, my killing days are over”

The Djinns screamed “Blood, Blood, blood”

He told the Wraiths, “I no longer have enemies to slaughter, I cannot go about killing innocent people”

The wraiths wouldn’t listen

He decided to ignore them

Though they tormented him with nightmares day and night

He would drink himself to stupor and steal some hour’s respite

They changed their tactics

The wife suddenly noticed that anytime she cooked, once the food was ready, within five minutes, the whole pot would be covered with maggots

Even if she bought bread, apples, whatever and put it in the fridge or freezer

Maggots would infest such in minutes

She told her husband, he laughed

He explained what was happening

“We have to endure it, otherwise I would have to resume killing! The faces of all those I had killed trouble my sleep every night! I see blood, I smell blood, I dream blood! I don’t want to kill again”

The wife didn’t know what to do

The maggot infestation intensified

When their children woke up in the morning

Their bodies and beds were covered with maggots

She ran to a church close to their house

She met the pastor after service

The pastor heard her story

Oh God!

He was talking to a terrible sinner, a serial murderer’s wife!

An accomplice of evil!


Pastor told her she and her husband have to renounce all their evil ties and demonic affiliations

She agreed but she didn’t know how to tell her husband

He wouldn’t even hear it

They weren’t a Christian family, she was not supposed to go to church

The demonic onslaught continued

She called her husband and told him what the pastor said

Her husband flared up

The reason the djinns and wraiths couldn’t harm him or his family directly

Was because of the covenants he had made with so many other evil powers

If he renounced the powers now

He and his wife would become vulnerable

She went to the pastor and explained to him

The pastor weighed the arguments

Perhaps dealing with maggots is more reasonable than gruesome death

“I will be praying for you” said the pastor

The onslaught continued

On December 31, 2012

Just as midnight was approaching, she convinced her drunk husband to come with her to church

Just for the New Year’s crossover service

The church had invited the young man in Jeans and T-Shirt to lead them into the New Year

 The Pastor preached and handed over the microphone to the young man in Jeans and T-Shirt

Her husband was half asleep, they were all waiting for “Happy New Year” and close of service

The young man in Jeans and T-Shirt started praying in tongues

The worship fervor increased

Something happened, she couldn’t explain it

Her husband startled awake

People started swaying back and forth

The atmosphere tightened frighteningly

Kaboom! Everything exploded in her spirit!

The same thing happened to her husband

Her husband ran to the altar, she didn’t know what was happening

She ran after her husband

Her husband got to the altar and fell on his knees

She knelt down beside him

The young man in Jeans and T-Shirt laid hands on her husband

She expected him to summersault and throw theatrics

He didn’t

He just relaxed all over

The young man in Jeans and T-Shirt laid hands on her

She fell under the anointing

The young man in Jeans and T-Shirt prayed for them

Salvation came to the two of them

Then he prayed for the church

New Year came

People danced, shook hands and hugged

She and her husband embraced and cried

Something had happened to them

They cannot explain it but they felt light, happy

That morning the maggot infestation stopped

The nightmares stopped!

He didn’t have to renounce and denounce

He now has a new life

He needed only to walk in it

They asked the young man in Jeans and T-Shirt

Sir, would you conduct deliverance for us?

He: You have been catapulted from the kingdom of darkness into his marvelous light

You have been fully birthed into the Kingdom of God!


PS: They became believers from that day

She is now a deaconess and he an evangelist

If you are a cultist reading this, no matter how deep you had gone

it takes one decision, one name to turn things around

Call on the name of Jesus now

Come into His rest


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