The Look!

The Look!

One of her friends introduced her to the lifestyle

She didn’t know at the time that it was all planned

Her friend invited her to a party

Her friend talked about the loads of fun, guys, money and rich folks that would be there

Names were thrown in the air like confetti

She was reluctant but her life was boring

She wanted to have some adventures in her twenties

She needed to live!

A crippling religious shadow hung over her head

She needed badly to shake the shadow

Be free of the “dos and don’ts” mentality

Her friend talked nonstop about the party

She had two tickets

“Last year, the party was done in Dubai and it was an all-expense paid affair! I was there. Maybe it would Paris or New York next year but this year it is going to be held on the Island. If you come to this one and your name and other information are registered on time, you get to go to all the other parties wherever they may be held in future” said her friend

She considered it

She wasn’t a day old child. Why anybody would be spending such a huge amount of money on a party is suspect! What is the catch?

Her friend said she asked the same questions before she started attending the parties and she was convinced the party was a cover for big business deals by the captain of industries and politicians who sponsor the event

After much persuasion, she decided to attend the party

It was held on one of the private islands

They were sent shopping vouchers of 200k each and instructed on what colour and designer products to buy. It was too good to be true

A yacht picked them up at a certain point and dropped them off on the island


She couldn’t believe how excited she was after seeing the shameless display of wealth when they got to the “White house”

The trip between the shore and the island was 30 minutes

The yacht kept going back and forth to pick invited guests from 12 noon and made the last trip by 8pm

They were all dressed in white

The music was electric

The atmosphere was fun

There were over 30 bars all over the compound

There was large swimming pool to their extreme left.

Grillers and barbecue spots were lined up after the pool

All that for the pre-party

The main party was to start by 8pm

They got to the venue at 2pm

She didn’t have the stomach for alcoholic drinks

Her friend piled her with energy drinks and barbecue

She saw a lot of celebrities

Local and international artistes

They weren’t even behaving like a big deal

It was the greatest day of her life

Time flew

The party began at 8pm

A guy walked up to her and asked for a dance

She obliged

They danced a little and the guy told her about his boss

His boss would like a word with her

Just a word

She followed him

She didn’t know why but she couldn’t think like herself

She just followed

The “boss” was smart, handsome and rich

He told her to “please” sit down

The young man that brought her left

The boss asked her what she would like to eat

They talked

He asked simple questions

She answers simply

He told her who he was and the advantage of knowing him

He was a big deal in the banking sector

She had heard his name several times

He gave her his card

“When you graduate please feel free to call me”

I didn’t want you to think I am into “do me, I do you”

“I am a collector of beauty and you are beautiful”

She didn’t know what to say

By 10 pm he politely asked her if she would come with him to his room

She didn’t say a word

She just stood up and followed him

There was something about the man, an aura

It defied “No” and she got that

The night was long and eventful

He did what he ought

She did what she ought

They did the dance about three times

She bade him goodbye at 5AM

She and her friend were among the first set of people to leave the island by 5:30am

It was a day she would never forget

When she got to the hostel, she googled the man

He was really a big deal

He was married with children

His second child was her age mate

A week before, the idea would have made her puke

That moment, the sight of him made her smile

She didn’t expect him to call her again

She and her friend had received cash alerts of 250k the day after the party

He called her

She went to meet him

She became his stress reliever

She was just twenty years old

She longed for it to last but he stopped calling her after a while

It lasted for only 6 months

While they were seeing each other

He paid good money into her account after every visit

She shopped to maintain her lifestyle and look the part

When he stopped calling, the money dried up

She had lost interest in her academics

What was the point?

She had seen more money in 6 months than her Dean of faculty will see in a year

She waited for his call to no avail

She didn’t want to call him

He had told her that all he owed her was one phone call if he ever stopped calling her!

It will be up to her to spend it wisely

She saved the card and accepted her lot

She resumed classes, wrote some tests, paid for projects and lived through the motion called school

Her friend told her she really needed the status of “student” for her product to sell

They were invited to the party the following year

It held in Ghana

She and her friend were invited

She met another man

This one was closer to her in age

He said he was a business man resident in South-Africa

But he was from her country

The guy was loaded with money

He was neither as connected nor as refined as the “boss”

She went with him

The guy did things to her that she could never ever tell anybody

He was a first class pervert

At a point during that night, she passed out

In the morning he gave her ten thousand dollars

She could barely walk for a week after the party

She decided enough was enough

All she wanted was adventure

She had seen the mother of all abuse

She had some money to show for it

It was time to stop and face her studies

She did away with her friend

She graduated with a 2:2 and served

She used her one phone call

The boss remembered her and gave her a job at one of the subsidiary companies of his bank

She never met him again

But he kept his promise and they moved on

She had tried one or two relationships on campus

Her heart wasn’t ready

She hardly paid attention to her suitors

They often get discouraged and vaporize after a while

She had been working in the company for three years when she met this 30 year old guy

They met at the end of the year party of her company

The bank and all the subsidiaries staff were invited

Usually only a few key staff members attended the ceremony

It was shrouded under a marketing strategy

Staff members were allowed to give their tickets to friends, family members, clients or prospects

She had nobody to give the ticket to and she was bored

She decided to attend

The dashing young man danced with her

Her heart went into a frenzy

He felt the electricity too

They talked afterwards

She had stayed away from sex since her experience with the pervert

She melted like a candle thrown into the furnace in the arms of this guy

She left the party extraordinarily giddy

He called her to ask if she had gotten safely home that evening

Then he called her the next morning

They had lunch the next afternoon

That evening, he rode a willing horse to glory in her apartment

He kept coming for her

She kept going to him

He proposed

Just one month after they met

He said he was sure she was the one for him

He took her home to meet his parents

They loved her

She took him home to meet her folks

They loved him

Plans rolled into motion

He called her one afternoon

His mother’s immediate younger brother had asked him to bring her

He was the one who took over his training and upbringing since he was 14 when his father was retired

He was like a second father

He took her to his uncle’s house

A palatial mansion

She saw the uncle

He was the boss, her first “Sugar Daddy”

He was all smiles and sweet words

But she knew the branch of the tree had fallen and the bird had flown away

Once they bid his uncle farewell, she started crying

Her man was confused

What happened? Why the tears?

She told him

“This can’t work!

I had slept with your Uncle before”

He was shocked!

The way he looked at her!


She wanted to die right there!

She wanted to die!!!!

That Look was poison

Her heart stopped

He needn’t say anything

That look!


PS: This event occurred in 2016

His uncle didn’t say anything

He told her as much when he came to talk to her about going on with the wedding

But that look!

She could never get over that look!

She nursed her heart until it healed

One of her old suitors called her up one day

They met

This time she paid attention

She married him one year later

She got married in 2018

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